Iwata says games that can only be realized with the Wii U GamePad will be shown at E3

Nintendo has been hard at work on creating certain titles that can only be realized with the Wii U GamePad.

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JohnathanACE1387d ago

You might be but is your body?

LOL_WUT1387d ago

@Tekolie That image doesn't make sense because Nintendo won't have a showing at this years E3 ;)

randomass1711386d ago

@LOL_WUT Your statement is incorrect. They won't have a stage presence. They are still on the show floor.

TekoIie1386d ago


You and all the people who disagreed need to learn what a joke is.

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AngelicIceDiamond1387d ago

The man speaks.

I thought Nintendo was gonna Sony and MS all the talkin therefor a minute.

I'm glad Nintendo's getting the hype train out of the station.

Madock1387d ago

Me too!!
I'm soooo hyped now for E3, please Nin don't disappoint me -(

pcz1386d ago

im not excited because i know they will just be gimmicky games.

most likely something along the lines of nintendoland...

nintendo really need to understand that its not what gamers want... the wii was unique and truly a needed breath of fresh air. we needed those new ways to play.. but now gamers miss good old f zero, starfox, wave race etc.

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JoshBatman1387d ago

Good luck, Nintendo. This is going to be a critical year for you.

R00bot1387d ago

This should be good.
Can't wait for E3 this year!

Vegamyster1387d ago

All about the games from the big 3, should be fun.

animegamingnerd1387d ago

5 bucks says zelda U will be one of them

weekev151387d ago

5 bucks Zelda is one of them wnd they show at least 1 Mario title utilising NFC figurines. I'll go out on a limb and say Mario Party 9.

R00bot1387d ago

They already confirmed Zelda U for show at E3 this year. Anyone who bets against you is cray.

animegamingnerd1387d ago

yeah its obvious that it will be at E3 but i am thinking that it will require use of the gamepad maybe for like certain puzzles or a gameplau mechanic

thehobbyist1387d ago

Yep. If you followed the news regarding ZeldaU the gamepad, as said by series director Eiji Aonuma, it will be have a "GPS system like Wind Waker" and he also mentioned using the gamepad to completely remove the HUD from the TV screen.

Metallox1387d ago

PlaySation 4 + PSVita = 600 dollars. Not even counting PS+ and the game... so I'm sorry, but the Wii U Gamepad it's more accessible, even if the console is not as powerful as its competition.

wonderfulmonkeyman1387d ago

There's also the fact that some games have to replace a couple of shoulder triggers with back-touch-screen buttons on the Vita, which is highly uncomfortable, whereas the Wii U gamepad keeps all the buttons a gamer needs without sacrificing any of them for the touch potential.

slivery1387d ago


Not really getting too much into this as bringing up the Vita here was unnecessary but I am just commenting on you saying the shoulder button setup on the Vita is uncomfortable.

That makes no sense. If using the front screen or the back touch bad is uncomfortable for you, you have some pretty weird hands because they naturally rest in both, your thumbs are already so close to the edge of the screen where they are mapped and you basically already have your fingers on the back touch pad with how you have to hold the Vita.

So I can't understand for the life of me how it is uncomfortable, I use remote play daily, maybe not as comfortable as a controller with shoulder buttons obviously but other than that it is pretty comfortable and actually is no where near as bad as I thought it would be before the PS4 was released.

Neonridr1387d ago

@slivery - playing Infamous on remote play is so much more awkward and uncomfortable than with the DS4.

For example, try shooting one of your neon missles that requires holding down the R1 button. Pressing the front touch screen means you have to let go of the right analog stick, thus aiming because damn near impossible.

At least with the Wii U gamepad, the control setup is EXACTLY the same whether you are playing on the TV or on the gamepad screen.

thejigisup1384d ago

Just saying money want even bright hip until you. What was stated was that it was only possible with the wiiu gamepad which is by far a stretch of a statement considering that many people agree the psvita it's not only powerful but comfortable. I'd say even paired with the PlayStation four or makes it more powerful. accessibility isn't a point for argument.

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KwietStorm1387d ago

What was the point of that?

kneon1387d ago

I expect the point is that Iwata's statement isn't true. There are no games that can only be realized with the Wii U gamepad.

The Vita is a much more powerful and capable device so it can do anything the gamepad can do and more. But of course it costs quite a lot more.

thehobbyist1387d ago

Okay let's follow the misinformation your comments have provided:
"The Vita is a much more powerful..." No.
PS VITA's RAM: 512MB. Wii U's RAM: 2GB
PS VITA'S GPU: 128mb Wii U's GPU: 512+mb(Unconfirmed but it's power exceeds all 512mb GPU's on market)
"That makes no sense. If using the front screen or the back touch bad is uncomfortable for you, you have some pretty weird hands because they naturally rest in both..."
And you have to put your hands in an unnatural position as to not accidentally touch the pad and screw up gameplay. I know. I got a Vita and I hate every time having to use that. It's not the most responsive control input either. It's very finicky and I'd much rather just have four buttons on the back of the Vita.

kneon1387d ago

You're really trying to compare the vita vs the Wii U? That's just silly, you could compare the vita vs the gamepad or the vita+ps3/ps4 vs the Wii U + gamepad, but it makes litle sense to compare a handheld vs a full gaming console.

randomass1711386d ago

@kneon There's a comment just above this one where you just said Vita was "much more powerful" than Wii U. Why are you getting on someone's case for making a similar comparison?

kneon1386d ago

I was talking about the Wii U gamepad vs the Vita, not comparing the vita to the Wii U, that would just be stupid.