Nintendo Shows Online Growth and Success of Wii U/3DS Online Services

More news is rolling in from Nintendo's Investors Meeting, including Nintendo showcasing the online growth of the company.

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DryBoneKoopa851475d ago

That's awesome news!

I'm picking up two more virtual console games tomorrow. GBA Yoshi's Island and GBA Wario Land 4.

I love Mii Verse. Its extremely easy to use and everyone on their is very pleasant. Very good community!

Muffins12231475d ago

It not hard to have online growth for nintendo cause there's little to begin with so a fractional,it should grow because its so tiny compared to its competitors.

guitarded771475d ago

What you say is an obvious truth, yet you have nothing but disagrees. Which makes me wonder if Nintendo fanz are so insecure that they can't handle a serious discussion, or if Nintendo as a company just trolls gaming sites dissenting every comment that could be seen as a negative reality instead of improving their own tech. Either way, some people need to grow up. Nintendo would obviously see a massive spike since their services have grown more in the past 2 years than all previous years combined. Still, Nintendo has a lot of catching up to do with the others in way of offerings and services.

jebabcock1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Edit: sorry comment was for wrong article.. removed as it was off topic. Good sales increases though.

vishmarx1475d ago

the very fact that they have to 'show' that to people

also VC is possibly one of the worst online services.cant believe people actually have to pay for gba games

weekev151475d ago

Whilst this is true, it feels like Nintendo is finally embracing online with the likes of a season pass for mario golf and the ability to upload videos to youtube directly from MK8 as well as the deals they constantly have on the eshop.

SpiralTear1475d ago


As opposed to what? Getting them for free?

seraphym881475d ago

@ Muffins1223 and guitarded77.

Muffins comment is simply shrouded in hate, why would a Nintendo fan(the ones mostly checking out this NINTENDO article) agree or applaud a comment so hateful? If an article came out that claimed Sony actually made a REAL innovation to gaming, or actually DEVELOPED a good game, I wouldn't go there just to say "first time for everything'.

If Microsoft cut the kinect and reduced the price of the xb1, i wouldn't comment with "About time", or 'too late now'.

And Guitarded, I cant even figure out where to begin on your ramblings. Everything in your comment is just ripe with ignorance. Nintendos virtual console is LEAPS better than any retro gaming sony or micro can offer. Oh, you get free games? NO YOU DON'T, you pay 50 bucks a year for a couple old games that you lose if you stop paying the 50 bucks. Do you research, or even think about what you comment with?

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Moonman1475d ago

They should, I have big eShop balance hungry for

Apex131475d ago

Some positives for once.

ricochetmg1475d ago

I mean if you look where they started. It can only go up.

Obamanationn1475d ago

will Monster Hunter 4 Be available for Wii U ?

SpiralTear1475d ago

Possibly. Monster Hunter 3 on Wii U didn't do badly.

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