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SomaSim’s latest city management game , 1849, is likely to steal away many precious hours of your life with it’s addictive gameplay and ease of playability. 1849 releases worldwide on May 8 for PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets. The PC and Mac versions will sell for $14.99 on Steam, IndieGameStand, and other online stores. The mobile versions will only include a story mode and will be priced at $4.99 on the App Store and Google Play.

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rivencleft1353d ago

Sounds interesting, may have to check it out at some point. I miss some of the old PC games I used to play that were city sims, think one was called pharaoh which was in Egypt (of course)or something and the other one took place in Greece, miss those type of city building, resource gathering games. If anyone knows of any current games like those I'd love to hear them.

s45gr321353d ago

Check out the Anno Series and currently released Banished.

totallysane1353d ago

i personally play anno off and on.

rivencleft1353d ago

Hey I appreciate the information, checking out Anno as I type this, Banished does look fun, I saw it on Steam a while ago, definitely going to have to get it.