10 Games That Should've Been on the NES

Here are ten games that would’ve been welcome additions to my NES collection, if only Nintendo ports existed at the time, and if only it was possible to reverse engineer games from today into the Game Paks of yesteryea

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Moonman1444d ago

Super Mario Kart was that stroke of genius by Sugiyama, Konno and Miyamoto for the SNES. I'm sure they had it in mind for the NES but needed the Mode 7 offered by SNES hardware to knock it out the park on the first swing.

Geobros1443d ago

Nice article!! And yeah, Mario Kart series could start from Nes, it was possible...

MorbidPorpoise1442d ago

Anyone else hum the the intro theme to SMK whenever they see the name, image or a video of it?

RosweeSon1442d ago

I love my NES I love Nintendo but the games came when they were able to be made mario kart on a NES would have looked awful, mario 1 wasn't exactly a looker ok for the time amazing but then you've got mario 3 at the end of the console and that was progression and the best you will get out of a NES, looks wise gameplay wise music all spot on, mario world on the Snes was amazing for launch then starwing/fox and f-zero came along with fancy new chips and then mario kart was actually a reasonable possibility, I'm not saying it couldn't have been done but good things come to those who wait and it all happened at the right time in my opinion.