Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Released For iOS

Released mere hours after its initial reveal in Japan, Capcom has brought a full-fledged Monster Hunter title to iOS devices.

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JoshBatman1356d ago


Chrono1355d ago

This is the same game as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite which you can play on PSP or Vita.

user95970821355d ago

Without online multiplayer though unless you've got a wired in ps3 to go with it.
I'm with the other guy when I say, "wheres the American version?!"

randomass1711355d ago

@Chrono But this would help Monster Hunter gain a lot of traction in the west. Why don't they just localize and advertise it? :/

Dchops1355d ago

I honestly don't see why you would want to, let alone actually be able to, play this on iOS.

Ultr1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Neither do I

Dchops1355d ago

Seriously. I love MH, in fact I made it a point to buy a Japanese 3DS and MH4 during my honeymoon in January, but this type of game requires a reliable controller. It was hard/tiring enough "claw-handing" on the PSP.

randomass1711355d ago

I personally don't, but I'd like to see it brought over simply because Monster Hunter needs more exposure and the iOS market might help in that regard.

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contradictory1355d ago

touchscreen controls....
if this game is anything like previous Monster Hunter games i think you could possibly use it as means of torture for me.

RetroGam3r1355d ago

It would be nice to have it a mobile, But thats as far as it goes. In terms of playing it, It will be pure hell, I struggle playing it on the 3DS! So many quick movements. Unless of course they have addressed the issue, in which case il just leave now.

Like so many games, Its amazing to see them there on your phone but playing them is another story!

randomass1711355d ago

The controls probably wouldn't be so great, but if they are smart they could use this advertise to advertise the versions on more dedicated platforms.

trickman8881355d ago

That's why people use PS3/360 controllers. It's not really a case where you are restricted solely to your phones touch screen controls. There are devices and ways to play iphone/android games with buttons.

Now, whether using a wireless PS3 controller and hooking it up to your Iphone is ideal or looks good to you, is a different story.