Outlast: Whistleblower – First 15 Minutes of PS4 Gameplay

OnlySP: Checkout the first 15 minutes of the expansion to Outlast, Whistleblower.

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ArchangelMike1533d ago

I loved Outlast, I'll definitely be getting this. How long is the DLC though? Should I wait for an eventual price cut?

PockyKing1533d ago

Nah, the length will vary depending how scared you get and how quickly you can figure areas out. This video was originally 30 min and I had to cut it down because I got lost in some areas. From my understanding, the DLC is about 2-3 hours in length, so for the $8.99 price it's certainly worth it. The main game was about 4-5.

LOL_WUT1533d ago

The main game was 4-5? Wow it certainly took me longer than that sometimes I didn't even want to move at all lol. This new DLC seems to be good I'll have to get it.

Zefros1533d ago

holy shit the guy at the end of the game is fucked up.... just finished it!