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Damnit, Not Another Port, I Want A New God Of War On PS4

The rumor is that God of War: Ascension is coming to Sony's new console, and that's one port we just don't need. How's about a new installment, please? (God of War: Ascension, PS4)

shallowpoint  +   362d ago
Don't buy it then! Simple-.-
randomass171  +   362d ago
I feel it's very fair for him to call for a NEW God of War, honestly. Provided they don't have one set to reveal at E3. ;)
Abash  +   362d ago
A new God of War will take time to make, damnit!
mikeslemonade  +   362d ago
What's wrong when both are coming? What would you say if some of the profit they make is used to make the next true God of War?? And you have The Order coming. The developer is big enough to be making multiple products.

Way to try to spin good news into a bad one by the X1 and Nintendo camp.. Try harder.
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joab777  +   362d ago
Lol! While its odd I am not against it as it will b the first game port that I didnt play on ps3.

Anyway, it simply means that GoW:A made no money on ps4. So they r gonna use the time and assets to show us the power of the ps4, make a little money, and create some hype . For the next one. It should come with an another act or something or only b like $20 for psn+ members.

Anyway, it isnt horrible. I cant wait to see it. GOW always set graphical benchmarks. If only a rental, it could b good.
Majin-vegeta  +   362d ago
Sony has done only "ONE" port from a PS3 game and it's not even out yet.Plus i'm sure GOW will come with all DLC.
admiralvic  +   362d ago
"Plus i'm sure GOW will come with all DLC."

Sony recently gave away all the DLC ( http://blog.us.playstation.... ) , so that point is moot (though it's not like a bunch of multiplayer skins [more or less] are really a selling point in the first place).
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brich233  +   362d ago
Sony arent the only ones doing it, if this catches on we will have much more last gen ports, like Tomb Raider.
HurtfulTimez  +   362d ago
which was a good thing for me as my ps3 was struggling to read this specific game for some strange reason so when it came out for ps4 i was more than happy.
Silly gameAr  +   362d ago
It's called a rumor for a reason.
nope111  +   362d ago
I don't want another GoW at all.
SSM needs to do a new IP. GoW is stale.
DEEBO  +   362d ago
lol GOW is one of the best hack&slash games how is it stale? oh let me guess ryse has set the bar/s smh

people don't know quality if it slap them in the face.
nope111  +   362d ago
lol no, GoW's combat has remained mostly unchanged through six games, even some of the combos are the same.

It's stale.
BitbyDeath  +   362d ago
Wasn't a fan of ascension, I was hoping the story would have been larger and included everything from where he first accepts his fate to work for the God of War (Ares) and continued all the way up to where GoW1 begins and instead we just got some filler which I could care less for.
WeAreLegion  +   362d ago
Why would that mean they aren't working on God of War IV? IF Ascension Remastered is real, it's probably just to pad the release schedule this holiday season. (I'd prefer God of War III though, to be honest.)
HollywoodLA  +   362d ago
Sony needs the revenue. I support the HD rehashes, specifically at this time during Sony's hour of need. Otherwise known as Sony's "HON."
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   362d ago
The Driveclub news is worse than this, lets focus on real issues.
hoju69  +   362d ago
It takes a lot of time to make games in this new generation. All those amazing visuals you see in tech demos like Unreal 4 take artists months to years to complete. These remasters are just a way to keep some games coming in on a somewhat regular basis for the PS4 to avoid an all out dry spell. Give it time. You will see an all new next-gen God of War eventually. Give the developers time to not only create higher fidelity content but also time to innovate and keep these franchises fresh. Sure they could crank out games more frequently, but then they would be just like Madden and Call of Duty. Same crap year after year.
mynameisq  +   362d ago
Hit the nail on the head
MatthewTrujillo  +   362d ago
The only next gen port so far is tomb raider...... TLOU isn't even out yet this isn't exactly a flooding of last gen ports..... It's simple don't buy it no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy it. A new GOW is coming eventually so what's the problem?
KinjoTakemura  +   362d ago
I've never played a God Of War game and i'm sure i'm not the only one who hasn't.

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