Nintendo: Wii U No Longer Sold At A Loss

Big news out of Nintendo's fiscal year meeting as they revealed that they are no longer selling the Wii U at a loss per unit.

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HyperBear1502d ago

Well that's some good news indeed! Now if they can get some positive marketing behind it and showcase all their new exclusive titles coming out this year to the public, and sell some Mario Kart 8 Bundles this month and other Wii U deluxe bundles come this holiday shopping season...The Wii U should do just fine :D (As long as nothing else get's any worse for Wii U or Nintendo :\)

Metallox1502d ago

So perhaps that's why they did the Mario Kart 8 bundle and why they are expecting a profit for the next fiscal year?

mrbojingles1502d ago

I would think that, unless they stop shipping the $299 NSMBU SKU, that all Wii U SKUs are now sold at a profit not just the Kart bundle

mrbojingles1502d ago

This is the best news for Nintendo all year

Moonman1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Sure is, every unit sold is a good unit sold. No matter how much or how less at times, at least they are profiting the company. Go Ninty!

OrangePowerz1502d ago

Well it would mean that the cost to make and ship the unit that is sold is considerably lower compared to the selling price. If you produce a lot more then what you sell you still loose money.

Dudebro901502d ago


Nintendo also stated they don't have enough units to ship currently to make it to the end of the year, so they are doing very well on being realistic on their stock.

firelogic1502d ago

lol, you guys are funny.

You can't sell something at a loss if you're not actually selling it to begin with so it's pretty obvious. Not news.

randomass1711502d ago

What do you mean? They sell small amounts of Wii Us every month. A few dozen thousand globally, I think. Crummy sales sure, but it's certainly not NOTHING. This is definitely news because now Nintendo can make money for any Wii U sold with any game and they won't be taking huge losses on making and selling Wii U.

mrbojingles1502d ago

I don't think you understand any of this whatsoever. They manufacturer Wii U units at say, $340. Sold them for $300, lost $40 on each unit.

Now they manufacture them for less than $300 and sell them for $300, making some profit on each unit instead of losing money.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

we can tell that you are loston the topic about what not selling at a loss anymore means.

MegaRay1502d ago

Tell me what the hack you used to get all those bubbles? I am sure its easy to use anyway :)

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AKR1502d ago

And I wonder how much heat this piece of GOOD news is going to get; versus the several articles that sprouted up, once again putting coal in the large and roaring "Nintendo-Doom" train.

OT: This is some GREAT news! Hopefully the MK8 Bundle will continue this trend, and of course, raise the amounts of units sold.

mrbojingles1502d ago

Unfortunetly you will probably be right on that.

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The story is too old to be commented.