These Aren't The Headsets You're Looking For - Turtle Beach Go Star Wars

Turtle Beach announce new headsets based on the Star Wars universe, more to be revealed at E3.

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GeofferyPeterson1536d ago

Buy the PS3 Pulse, you must. Disappointed, you won't be.

Bladesfist1536d ago

Be advised if you want a headset that works well on both PC and PS3 then don't get these. A quick google search shows quite a few mic problems with this on PC.

GeofferyPeterson1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

PS3 Pulse prints real gold bars. Turtle Beach headsets buys meth. You decide. t

SniperControl1536d ago

I've had the pulse headphones for about 6 months now and use them on my PS3, PS4 and PC. The mic works perfectly on all, all you have to do is some slight reconfiguring on the mic gain within the sound settings on windows. Steam also allows you to do this.

Bladesfist1536d ago


You make no sense at all. What are you trying to say?

Hk85karlsson1536d ago

Buy the PX4 from Turtle Beach if you´re looking for top notch gear. Sound, mic, all is good.

Fireseed1536d ago

Literally just got a pair of the Logitech G930s the other day and WOW are they awesome! 10 freakin hours of battery life and great sound.... O_O

VegasDawg1536d ago

I liked my Turtle Beach headphones but I just wish they were a little louder, I talked to them yesterday and they said all of them are the same.

Does anybody know of a good set of headphones I can crank up as loud as I want?

Mutant-Spud1536d ago

Yeah I used to run the Xbox 360 sound through an old amplifier then plug the Turtle Beach headphones into it. I'm 47 and I'm as deaf as a post due to not wearing ear protection at work when I was younger, so I have to use headphones because if I use the speakers I need it up so loud that my wife and kids are sitting there with their fingers in their ears LOL.

Ripsta7th1536d ago

Don't get the Pulse , go for the new Gold edition they are 20 cheaper, have almost double battery life and the headsead is pretty lightweight compared to the pulse . Also the pulse get small cracks over time by the ear cup attachment.

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