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Alex Navarro of GiantBomb writes:

Child of Light is at once a thing of beauty and a minor tragedy. Here is a game that seeks to evoke the kind of wondrous storytelling you'd find in any childhood storybook. This is a playable fairy tale, replete with all the magical kingdoms, evil stepmothers, quirky adventurers, rhyming dialogue, and hand-drawn artwork that such a description would typically come along with. Yet despite having all the pieces seemingly in place, something about Child of Light remains pervasively off. For all its allusions of wonder and childlike fantasy, its story rarely finds way to inspire any such feelings. Quirky characters continuously pop up, the plot twists and turns as any good fairy tale should, and all throughout, Child of Light delivers visual splendor after visual splendor. Yet, little of it sticks. Even now, mere hours after finishing the game, I'm finding myself oddly struggling to come up with one memorable detail about my time in Child of Light's world beyond its mere aesthetic pleas...

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SpiralTear1684d ago

Huh...I honestly didn't expect Giant Bomb to give that negative of a reception to Child of Light. Always a surprise, Mr. Navarro.

DefenderOfDoom21684d ago

poor ALEX he gets no respect ! GIANT BOMB assign him the crappy games ,little kid games and the games other staff from GIANT BOMB just do not want to play!