PS Vita economics 101: Traditional AAA games 'don't work' on Vita

MMGN writes: The PlayStation Vita is a fascinating piece of technology. Propped up by a wonderful library of not-so-mainstream RPGs and indie games, not to mention PS4 compatibility via Remote Play, the handheld has found a niche market and appears to be going from strength to strength.

But that hasn't stemmed gamer criticism. Even with the forthcoming release of Borderlands 2 on the handheld, it lacks a "system seller" that makes it a definitive must-have device for on-the-fence consumers.

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nope1111388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I've been satisfied by my Vita purchase. I personally don't need AAA games for the device, but i do believe AAA games will help with sales.

Get R* to do a GTA game or Square Enix to do a Final Fantasy.

3-4-51388d ago

AAA might not work on Vita, but AA games will.

* Scale it back a tiny bit and start making games FOR THE SPECS of the VITA.

* Original games built FOR THE VITA = More games sold.

randomass1711386d ago

The thing is Vita has high attachment rates on games. What don't developers and publishers understand about this? Vita deserves better than what publishers give it.

XiSasukeUchiha1388d ago

AAA games will help out the Vita, but that doesn't mean it won't work people!

randomass1711388d ago

AAA games don't work? What are all the console ports I see on the thing then? Shovelware? I think not. That's not a great excuse. :/

MrSwankSinatra1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Yeah because ports of old games are totally what everyone payed 250 dollars for. Thats the whole problem with vitas library there is nothing but ports. If vita had more AAA games unique to vita then it would sell a lot more. An you can't tell me i'm wrong because the sales of the vita reflect that.

randomass1711388d ago

What I meant was AAA console ports are there so it's obvious that the Vita is capable of AAA original titles as well.

MysticStrummer1388d ago

You are wrong because you missed his valid point completely.

DivineAssault 1388d ago

The PSP had some fn awesome games so why cant vita get some more? Sure it doesnt need AAA home console type games but it needs games other than indies & ports

MrSwankSinatra1388d ago

Exactly if people wanted home console type games then they would buy a console, people don't buy portable systems to play those type of games on the go.

RondoMachete1388d ago

So me and most of my friends who brought a Vita just want little indi or small games,no we play mostly AAA titles because of the multiplayer side of them while we're on the go. The psp had great games like the guy said so it not really early days of the Vita now so why is there not more.

MrSwankSinatra1388d ago

@RondoMachete you totally misinterpreted my comment. I said people don't buy portable systems for "CONSOLE-LIKE" games, i never said anything about AAA games.

DivineAssault 1384d ago

i understand your point.. Some games are good to be on there like the Rayman series, Dragons Crown, Muramasa, FFX HD, etc but they need more games unique to the console outside of 1st party.. Dont get me wrong cuz i loved KZ mercenaries, tear away, gravity rush, & uncharted but i want some more 3rd party exclusive titles built from the ground up on vita

Ittoryu1388d ago

sword art online is number one thats a start I guess. I love the vita for the functionality with the PS4 but it does lack games I'm interested in.

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The story is too old to be commented.