Watch Dogs: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Here's everything you need to know about the hacking, open world action/adventure release from Ubisoft known as Watch Dogs!

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Bugz1414d ago

thats funny... because i preordered the uplay edition for the UK store...

ThisEndsNow1414d ago

It says 10 facts but I only saw 5. I must be blind

Lon3wolf1414d ago

You must be j/k big orange next button way down the page from where you think the article ends.

Lon3wolf1407d ago

It wasn't exactly where it should of been imo though, had to scroll past ads etc. just to continue reading. :)

Harmy6661414d ago

"5. The Standard, Special, Uplay, Limited, Digital Deluxe, Uplay Deluxe and Gold PlayStation Editions Will Only Be Available to U.S. Gamers"

Really? Damn, I guess I can't buy the game, considering I'm outside of the US…

sander97021414d ago

More like 10 facts everyone already knew, am I right?!