Destiny Preview (The Gaming Review)

TGR look ahead at Bungie's latest shooter, and wonder if it's all looking a little too familiar so far.

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sammykiernan1447d ago

Good news for Halo fans if it carries on like this, at least it's new for PS owners...

DefenderOfDoom21446d ago

ACTIVISION putting developers in the spotlight and backing them up !People hate on ACTIVISION and EA, but these companies treated developers with respect, while snooty business men treated them like dumb factory workers back in the late 70's early 80's!!

corvusmd1446d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game, it's been on my "must buy list" since it was first announced. I pre-ordered it asap.

joab7771446d ago

It will hav similarities to halo and the way it played, but it will become very apparent that its scope is much bigger. Its a bona fide matter what they say.

My only worry is whether many fans of halo's competitive multi will not want to play PvE in order to play PvP. Hopefully they r separate or awards and gear can be earned either way.

illmaticdragon1446d ago

It doesn't matter if the lore/art design or the way your character holds and reloads his weapon are reminiscent of Halo. This isn't Halo and it will not play like Halo.

The 'previewer' should not be allowed to preview anymore. He told us nothing really about the endgame. He's too busy latching onto a superficial similarity and going overboard with it then to actually give a preview. You can tell Destiny is a much deeper game then just looking at how the art looks or feels like. The 'previewer' is selling the game short. And how is he 'previewing' it anyway? I doubt he has an actual preview copy. Beta is not out yet. Sounds more like an armchair preview to me. I can do it to, but what I'm about to say rings more true then what the linked article says.

From looking at all the videos and reading some news on the game I can tell you, yes there's some similarity in the art/graphics/lore design but the gameplay will not be Halo. The game will be more or less an open world loot centric shooter game like an MMO but on a smaller scale. And there will be different ways/modes (reminiscent to MMOs) to search for this much sought after loot. The best part about all this is that it's looking like it will all work together fluidly and seamlessly and with regular updates to the game and it's content, which is what a lot of MMOs fail to do. This is what will be the big draw to game and it has a lot of promise and potential and like I said before, over-comparing it to Halo is not being fair to the game and is selling it short. Destiny will be successful and will drive other shooters to try and be as innovative. Competitiveness breeds good games.