Child Of Light Review [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

As a kid that grew up being read fairy tales, I never truly understood them. Like most children I took these types of stories as they came, not looking any deeper into the messages and morals behind each and every story but I was just a silly kid. As a grew older I began to show a disinterest in fantasy-type storytelling looking to indulge myself only with things that spoke to me on a very shallow level. Now, being in my 20s, I’ve started looking back and researching on the origins of these stories, what they represented, what they SHOULD have taught me and they inspiration that led to their creation.

Unfortunately it was too late for me, my interest in sitting through another “Disney” movie or reading another children’s book simply to try my hand at understand the more deep-seeded themes and issues within them had depleted…then “Child Of Light” came along. It was a game I thought I had no interest in but one that allowed me to understand the types of subject matter that have inspired countless pieces of entertainment throughout the ages. Thanks to “Ubisoft” and “Child Of Light” my eyes were pried open and left subject to the beauty of a well-written tale. Let’s see if I can maybe open up yours.

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KBug931503d ago

This game is gorgeous. You can spend 10 minutes just marvelling at her hair.

mrwawa1503d ago

this game looks awesome. I'm definitely going to be picking it up. the graphics are right up my alley.

F-Inglese-941503d ago

Definitely a game I'd recommend to everyone!

Omar911503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Not everyone will enjoy this game unfortunately. I recommended it to my friend and he didn't like the art style. His loss

Omar911503d ago

lol well I knew him since I was 8 yrs old but I did consider it haha

incendy351503d ago

I am in agreement with everyone that says this game is wonderful! It is, it really is.

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