A Love/Hate Relationship With The Fighter Genre

Pixel Gate Uk writes:

''The fighting game genre has always been a harsh mistress for me. For every happy memory I have of the genre there’s about 3 bad memories that shortly follow.

From a young age I became interested in fighters and my first experience with the genre was (unsurprisingly) Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo. From the first minute of the game I was hooked. The characters looked visually interesting, the environments dazzling and the action thrilling. Playing solo was fun but lets face it, fighters are meant to be played against people and not AI.''

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JohnathanACE1386d ago

I love fighting games, but unfortunately I've always kinda sucked at them so I understand the authors pain.

3-4-51386d ago

I like them, but I can only play so many rounds before I get bored, no matter how good the game is.

There are also too many unappealing characters in fighting games.