A First Look At The Mario Kart TV Smartphone App

A first-hand look at the Mario Kart TV smartphone application has been revealed within Nintendo’s financial results briefing documentation, dated May 8th, 2014.

At this time, president Satoru Iwata states the web-based service is unofficially named Mario Kart TV, and is expected to become available at, or around, the time that Mario Kart 8 launches.

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darkstar181415d ago

this will be for Windows phones too right??? please say yes..

unknownbystander1415d ago

I'm happy to say yes. How? It is because this "smartphone app" is actually a website that can be accessed via browser in phones, tablets, pcs, etc just like miiverse.

darkstar181415d ago

but will there be an actual app that we could download? lol thats what i ment.

R00bot1415d ago

Speaking of actual apps, where is the Miiverse app we were promised?

unknownbystander1414d ago

Well it was promised. I feel like that will be revealed this E3 or somewhere down the line, and hopefully, they will make it very convenient to use.