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GameFly selling KZ: Shadow Fall for $19.99

Looking to jump into the Killzone series? GameFly has a sale for you then. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

Lawboy2  +   450d ago
Can u provide a link....I ran over to gamefly but they didn't have any
MrBeatdown  +   450d ago
Out of stock now. The deal started yesterday. If you've got a GF sub, you can still rent it, then choose the "keep" option for $20, but you can't just buy it outright anymore.

They sometimes restock stuff, so it might become available again.
Lawboy2  +   450d ago
Yeah I went searching and found a thread....kinda sucks wish I would have known....I looked into the other option....but I would have to restart my account and I still may have to pay 19.99 on top of the 15.99 u have to pay to restart the account....thanks for the information though
mrbojingles  +   450d ago
It's embedded in the text "GameFly" in the article
DivineAssault  +   450d ago
great buy if true.. I sold it after i beat it but its a decent run through for $20

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