Nintendo is making social commentary: A history of sweeping LGBTI themes under the rug

Stevivor's Steve Wright -- "Nintendo today released a statement explaining why they will not allow homosexual relationships in the upcoming Tomodachi Life.

"It was a lacklustre statement."

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JohnathanACE1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Oh look another one of these articles.
Getting really sick of this crap.

BLuTheSecond1443d ago

I don't know whether to laugh at the fact that people are seriously making a stink over this stupid looking game not including homosexual relationship options or weep at the fact that people are taking video game escapism to the extreme by seriously making a stink over this stupid looking game not including homosexual relationship options.

I never cared for relationship options in games. I see no point in wasting time "romancing" a pile of code and pixels. It's nice for those that enjoy them but if you're going to get all butthurt over something as trivial as this then you obviously have bigger issues to deal with than not being able to pork same sex characters in a (very stupid looking) video game.

2pacalypsenow1444d ago

So what if they don't accept gay relations , it's their company and their choice and people need to accept that , stop trying to force everyone to accept a lifestyle

Swiftfox1444d ago

Being homosexual is not a lifestyle choice--it is simply who they are. Why shouldn't homosexuals, as human beings, be able to express themselves as completely in games as heterosexuals?

If Nintendo is giving the option to form relationships in the game, why not simply include the option for same-sex relationships? It certainly wouldn't be difficult to incorporate into the game, and it doesn't exclude heterosexual players or deprive them of anything.

yarbie10001444d ago

amputees, hermaphrodites, autistic people aren't represented in games either - rarely do you even have the chance to choose asian, black, or hispanic characters.

I support gay marriage

I support Nintendo saying No to including gay marriage in a kids game

thehobbyist1444d ago

Everything in life is the way it is by choice. Either by one's you make or the ones of the people around you. There is no physical abnormalities in homosexuals therefore it is not "Who they are" it's "Who they want to be" which to be honest, sounds a lot better.

Deep-throat1444d ago

It's their game, their philosophy.

DragonKnight1444d ago

"Why shouldn't homosexuals, as human beings, be able to express themselves as completely in games as heterosexuals?"

Who's stopping them?

Why should Nintendo include such a thing in their games?

Why aren't homosexuals making games about homosexuality?

HighResHero1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I agree with some of what you said SwiftFox, but It's still Nintendo's decision, and I respect it.
In my opinion they have every right to make whatever they want, within reason. If I thought they made an unethical decision, it would still be in my opinion. If we were to further delve into the topic of morality we would be crossing over into a philosophical discussion.

Swiftfox1444d ago

Indeed and don't you think that's strange? That the industry will choose a white male protagonist simply because they feel the others won't be accepted?

I'm agreeing the end decision is theirs, but it would be nice to see to someone extend a hand out and say "yeah, this is okay."

Abosolutely. Tell me when you chose to be heterosexual?

I understand that. What I'm saying is there's nothing wrong with the inclusion of others rather than an exclusion.

Why does there have to be a segregation? I'm sure there are thousands of homosexuals creating games for the likes of Nintendo, Sony, Activision, EA--but they don't hold power. Even still, it's just the option of homosexual relationships, not replacing heterosexual ones with exclusively homosexual ones.

Drithe1444d ago

Wrong. Being homosexual is INFACT a choice. You can choose to be gay or not any time you desire. There are men who stay married to woman for 30 years, then turn gay. There are men who stay with men for 30 years, then go back to women. You cant say, "Well they were gay or not gay for 30 years." It is not logical.

Science says being gay is a choice, and until the LGBT Community accepts this they cannot fight religion on even ground, because it only shows that gays are looking for a REASON to be gay, other than taking responsibility and saying, "It's my choice. Shut the blank up and let me live my life."

End of line.

DragonKnight1444d ago

Swiftfox, you didn't answer the question, you just restated your question.

So I'll ask my questions again.

"Who's stopping them?"

"Why should Nintendo include such a thing in their games?"

"Why aren't homosexuals making games about homosexuality?"

The 10th Rider1444d ago

On the topic of it being a choice or not. That doesn't necessarily make it right...Drug addicts and alcoholics can inherit their tendencies.

Whether it's right or wrong is certainly a debatable topic, but whether or not people are inclined to something hardly MAKES it right or wrong.

Da1rocky1444d ago

@swiftfox hit the nail on the head.
@Drithe? Scientific Fact? I don't know where you get your facts from, but they aren't scientific. Well If you are talking about homosexual acts then yes. Kissing another man is a choice. But being attracted to one sex or another is not. These married men you mention are either in denial for so long, or attracted to both sexes. Do not think that social pressure to be straight, backlash against homosexuals in certain areas including people probably in their own family might have to do something with them being in denial? I certainly understand why Nintendo wouldn't want to because of the backlash they would receive. I hate the fact that if they did that, they would have been seen as trying to corrupt the youth, so I don't blame them, but alot of people in society. Gay sex isn't family friendly, but so isn't straight sex. People worried about it messing up kids are simply wrong from the start to assume its something to be worried about. Gay is just as ok as being straight and that thought terrifies people. And religion doesn't have leg to stand up against gays from the beginning. Besides some religions say it isn't more moral or immoral than being straight, just different side of the coin of love. Its things are looking now, 50 years from now Nintendo could include it and a very small amount of people would be pissed cause they would still think its immoral or wrong. just like a small amount of people believe in a flat earth. You can't choose who you love. Everyone realizes that it is Nintendo's decision, but I still wish they could have taken the road of equality by including all love, but again, its more so the homophobic section of our society is to blame. If straight marriage is appropriate for a kids game then gay marriage is too. Stop being terrified of the fact that yes some children even your own could be gay.

azure19901443d ago

@drithe that is not a fact. Other scientist say other wise. Until it's fully proven it can't be a fact.

SilentNegotiator1443d ago

Studies have shown that less than 40% of men with the "gay gene" are actually gay and the phenomenon doesn't even exist in women.

The gay community is doing itself a disservice by avoiding discussing homosexuality as a victimless choice.

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Fullmetalevolust1444d ago

If you don't start questioning and complaining, no change will ever come.
I have to accept that stories who mainly portray heterosexual romances are thought as the "norm" in society, but it doesn't excuse the fact that other orientations are excluded and therefore not portrayed.
It is insulting to think that showcasing homosexual relationships is inappropriate or morally wrong. Kids are introduced to romance between male and female characters at an early age, without the depiction of sex, which is what most of the N4g readers seem to be afraid of.
Nintendo has tastefully shown romance between Mario and Peach and I don't see why it couldn't show two characters of the same gender love each other.
Love is love. The sooner we accept it, the better off our future generations will be.
Ignorance, lack of exposure and misinformation only give to poor opinions.

Da1rocky1444d ago

Goddamn it, I just made a post saying almost the same thing, then I read yours right after its ten kinds of awesome when that happens.

Fullmetalevolust1444d ago

I was just clicking agree on your post when I got the notification about your reply, lol.
It's 10 kinds of awesome to find open minded folks on N4G. All that you said was right on!

maniacmayhem1444d ago

"Kids are introduced to romance between male and female characters at an early age, without the depiction of sex, which is what most of the N4g readers seem to be afraid of."

The difference is a lot of the readers including myself do not believe in romance or sex of the same gender. I for one do not want my young kids seeing, playing, or thinking that relations of the same sex is ok and playful.

Nintendo has not shown this sort of romance because it's not what they believe in which should be respected even among the gay community. It's Nintendo's right just as its a right of two individuals of the same gender to love each other if that's what THEY chose.

But to have Nintendo push this scenario or belief on young kids just because it's not represented in main stream video games is wrong.

It's also wrong to tell others to bow down and push aside any beliefs whether it stems from their faith or just their plain morals and accept homosexuality.

The sooner the gay community can realize that not everyone agrees with their lifestyle and doesn't want them pushing it on others and then being called homophobic or anything else the sooner people can move forward with their lives.

Fullmetalevolust1443d ago

@Maniac, a lifestyle is when you choose to live in suburbia in a house with a dog and you decorate your house a certain way, and that's just one example.
That's something modeled by some that others try to emulate, therefore a choice.
There's a gay culture, I'll give you that, but not all LGBTI members live the same way, much like heterosexuals live different lives.
Being gay = not a lifestyle by any means.

No one is shoving or pushing anything in anyone's face. Exposure is key. I am exposed, and have been exposed to heterosexual romances since birth with my parents then the media.
Kids with same gender parents tend to be accepting all forms of family and romance.
But see, you already had your mind made up before you responded to my post because you find same gender relationships to be offensive.
Kids will be fine and they will accept what they deem is acceptable without being force fed your own beliefs.
Homosexuality is inherent in nature, some people just chose to place a negative label on it and so it has been for generations.

cyguration1443d ago

"I have to accept that stories who mainly portray heterosexual romances are thought as the "norm" in society,"

It is a scientific fact that it is the norm.

There wouldn't be a human race if homosexuality was the norm, as per the rules of Natural Selection.

BLuTheSecond1443d ago

Sexuality is a concept that even most adults have trouble understanding, what sense is a child, Nintendo's main demographic, going to be able to make of it? This sort of stuff doesn't belong in a children's game. Keep it in T or above rated games where it would have some sort of relevance.

maniacmayhem1443d ago

"Homosexuality is inherent in nature, some people just chose to place a negative label on it and so it has been for generations."

I'm sorry but I fully disagree with this statement. Homosexuality is not inherent in nature it's taught or learned from others.

If homosexuality was natural we would have been able to reproduce asexually or something similar. But we are getting off topic and into another realm of discussion.

Exposure is not key, exposure can be damaging to a young child's mind. I am happy for you that you were exposed and have an open mind about these things but as for me, I want my child to remain a child and I do not want to worry about same gender relations when my child plays a Super Mario game.

Like I said before, Nintendo does not believe in it and it should be respected and left at the door right there.

It's the same reason I do not want my child playing GTAV. The violence, sex and maturity is just to adult for a child to understand or be exposed to.

"But see, you already had your mind made up before you responded to my post because you find same gender relationships to be offensive."

And here is another point. Because I don't believe in same gender relationships, you accuse me of calling it offensive and already having my mind made up? I love this high stance taken whenever someone has their own belief and expresses it the same way you expressed yours.

"Kids will be fine and they will accept what they deem is acceptable without being force fed your own beliefs."

Kids are impressionable, of course they will accept anything their parent(s)tell them. This is why they are children, a whole child's life is at a learning and discovering stage. You were told by your parents that same gender love is ok, you deemed it acceptable because you were exposed at an early age. Does this make it right for every other child to be exposed the same way you were?

Fullmetalevolust1443d ago

@Maniac, yep you said it well, our belief system is different, and I'll agree to disagree.
You won't back down on your stance as much as I won't back down on mine because of what we've seen, read and experienced.
No point running in circles.

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MasterD9191444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Well, despite the adult gamers (and old-school gamers)...Nintendo is still primarily a FAMILY-friendly company.

Frankly, I'm not against the LBGT community, but is there really a massive demand for those type of games anyways? I don't understand the need to HAVE to include gay characters in games today...It's kind of like re-writing a book and replacing a character with a gay character just for the sake of it. I would hate to generalize gamers, but I would absolutely have to assume there are SIGNIFICANTLY more heterosexual gamers than homosexual...meaning the majority of gamers likely don't care.

MasterD9191444d ago

For those who are disagreeing with me...please list any examples of "LBGT" characters in any games you have seen that weren't stereotypical or actually working against the LBGT culture. Show me an actual successful attempt to include a gay character in a game that wasn't negatively impacting the community.

I'll give you two that actually hurt the LBGT community...

1) Mass Effect 3's Cortez, who essentially was played off as a crying, hysterical mess who is killed off as fast as he is introduced. Hell, even the standard conversation choices that Shepard had between Cortez came off as cold and isolating.

2) GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony, an over-exaggerated stereotype that actually could be considered offensive due to how ridiculous he came off...

These are major games that failed their purpose of including a LBGT character.

Not to mention the other games which blatantly make fun of trannys or lesbian characters...

Swiftfox1444d ago

There are a few characters in the Persona series who are homosexual and their homosexuality is explored and shown in a very mature light. There is a specific grey haired young man example but I'm blanking on the game and character name.

There is also a transgendered female in the series, and again, it's handled maturely.

Armadilo211444d ago

Resident Evil, The Last Of US had a character that was gay

BLuTheSecond1443d ago


First of all Kanji isn't gay. His entire story arch centers around his insecurity in his masculinity. His insecurity comes from his enjoyment of knitting(an activity that is considered feminine) which clashes with the gender stereotype that men are hard, aggressive and strong while women are soft, passive and weak. Kanji's father died when he was really young and like a lot of boys in real life who grow up without a father, he expressed his masculinity the only way he knew how to, by being a "tough". Kanji is attracted to females which is shown in his attraction to Naoto. He might be a bit feminine but he's straight.

Second, Naoto is not trans-gendered. The only reason why she dressed and acted like a male was because she wanted to continue on her family lineage of being a detective but felt that she wouldn't be respected or taken seriously because she was a female. She was born a female and identified as a female. At most she is a cross-dresser. That is all

Did you even play Persona 4 or are you just parroting what you read from Petite's article on Gamespot?

-Foxtrot1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

You what really bugs me about this whole thing, whether YOU think it's a big deal or not, if it was EA, Microsoft, Sony or ANYONE else there would be hell on but because it's Nintendo it's fine....we'll just sweep it under the rug

JohnathanACE1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Nintendo is a family and honorable Japanese company so why would Nintendo ever need to add anything that might be inappropriate? How many people would even use the gay option? Nintendo not adding this is not a big deal and frankly I'm shocked that so many people are surprised.

Edit: @-Foxtrot
What does it being 2014 have anything to do with it? Gays go against the norms of society and will always be seen as different. If they were to take relationships in Mass Effect I'm sure they could add a lot more to the game.

-Foxtrot1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I love how people say it's inappropriate, are we that closed minded in 2014.

If EA told Bioware to not bother with adding gay romances in Mass Effect 4 for example people would have a bloody field day with them, they would be called every bad name in the book.

It's not NEEDED in this game but it's not going harm anyone to included it or even yet it's not going to take a lot of time to do. It's the thought that counts.

I'm actually more stunned about peoples response to this over what they've actually done. I really thought the world was taking a step forward with topics such as this but obviously not.

@EDIT above

Gays go against the norm? Yeah because the whole "inappropriate" attitude you guys have got going on doesn't give people the push to have it accepted. It shouldn't even be classed as normal/not normal, it's just nature, no one should of labels on what they prefer.

Vegamyster1444d ago


Not everyone is going to agree with each other and its nothing new, you make it sound like anyone who doesn't agree or remains neutral on a subject is an asshole. Nintendo is a game company and they don't need to get political if they don't want to.

rainslacker1444d ago

Yes fox people are still that close minded in 2014. Nintendo has always upheld a traditional view in their games. If you or others dont like it then dont buy it. No one should expect nintendo to cater to what they dont want to cater to. If nintendo had added such things the shitstorm that ensued would be much bigger with people saying that when they buy a nintendo game they expect it to be appropriate for everyone in its rating class.

Im all for equal rights for everyone, but that topic doesnt have to be broached in a game rated for people who dont even understand what it all means.

To the guy quoted in this article, if your upset because you cant marry your partners digital avatar then get a life. N7ntendo isnt supressing your rights. You have the option of not buying the game, or better yet stop expecting others to fight your battles for you.

randomass1711444d ago

Actually I figured it's fine with Nintendo because they are making a game geared towards children and families. Kids don't really pay attention to sexuality, so why even have the interest to put specific relationships into the game? EA actually got flack for ALLOWING male gay relationships in Mass Effect 3 (from homophobes of course). I guess Nintendo wanted to avoid potential controversy or they just never thought to include it. It's not essential, maybe not even necessary for a game of its kind.

Armadilo211444d ago

so you want kids to think that gay people don't exist ? as of 2014 kids have friends whose parents are gay

randomass1711444d ago

"so you want kids to think that gay people don't exist ?"

Of course I don't think that. :/ I'm saying kids would probably not even think of such an issue. I never did as a child and I'm all for gay rights today as an adult. Why is it Nintendo's responsibility to include it in such a silly little game?

Swiftfox1444d ago

Unfortunately, I feel Nintendo's mind set is that of a toy company--that games are not art and incapable of exploring mature topics like homosexuality. Simply making the option available is a huge stigma to them.

They aren't the only ones who feel this way--queue stereotype after stereotype, but I hope gaming does grow up a bit more in the future.

-Foxtrot1444d ago

"but I hope gaming does grow up a bit more in the future"

Hopefully gamers aswell.....judging by the majority of the comments on here.

DefenderOfDoom21443d ago

well said Swiftfox, Me and my friends thought NINTENDO wanted to remain a video game toy company back in 1990 , that is why we all bought a SEGA GENESIS and not the SUPER NINTENDO! Money talks! That is why NINTENDO has been on a down slope ever since the early nineties! But i do have fond memories from the NES days !

lilbroRx1444d ago

This is totally backwards. I've seen Nintendo get hammered for things that other did without hardly anything being said against them, like the Foxconn thing. All 3 major hardware manufacturers used them but only Nintendo was attacked in the news.

The fact of the matter is that people will attack Nintendo for anything these days.

-Foxtrot1444d ago

Oh please they get away with more the anyone else in this industry, your lying to yourself if you think they don't. People always try and play the "Nintendo the victim" card but they create problems for themselfs which is going to be talked about.

for we are many1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

We can see through fallacy and subliminal messages 'rot, you make it sound like Nintendo isn't getting bashed left and right by people in the industry and press among other sheep bandwagon jumpers who want Nintendo to CONFORM to their market inflating agenda or get out of business. You want to know what's swept under the rug, Sony's $1.3 BILLION annual loss in a series of more than a decade of abysmal financial standing and on-off "junk-status" of credit value, MS's own founder Bill Gates suggesting the possibility of selling "getting rid" of the billion$ money vacuum that's the Xbox division.

At least Nintendo is sincere in sharing their financials and sales figures publically and confidant in a reversal plan, not posting "Shipped" No. as "Sold".

And before u label this as off topic, it's indeed on topic, this game will be played by lots of kids as well as adults and this gay agenda have been pushed so far but please keep this gay stuff away from my kids and my family, it's OK if someone wants to be gay, it's their choice but don't start forcing it on us and likening it to the situation with slavery among other things, it will NEVER be Natural.

Your trials of bashing Nintendo and even during ACTIVE bashing you pretend to make it as they are given the leeway is just pathetic and we can see clearly through it. Have a nice Day ;)

Da1rocky1443d ago

What exactly is the gay agenda? Keep it away from you and your family? So hypothetically, lets say Nintendo actually add in the option for characters to pursue same sex relationships. Again reiterating that there is no sexual content with both straight and gay relationship part. How is having an option forcing unto you and your kids? Do you just not want anything to do with it come up. Sure you say its fine if someone else is gay, but you kinda (and I'm assuming on this) sounds like you want those people to far away from you. it may be your family, but this society thing is a group effort and it would awesome if people stop stressing over trivial matters like if they like their own gender or not. And don't give me that whole natural shtick. It happens with many different species. And besides if someone is racist,(not calling you one, just to clarify) no they don't have a right to raise their kids and family from what they don't like even if they are fine with these people existing...way over there...

-Foxtrot1443d ago

You make it sound like it's Nintendo bashing yet I've spoke vocally in the past about EA and Mass Effect/Dragon Age, recently The Sims 4 rated 18 in Russia and a few other things

So please...don't make this JUST about Nintendo and twist it around from the real topic at hand

This exactly what I'm talking about, anyone else does it theres hell on, Nintendo does it and we all have to keep our mouths shut

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Errefus1444d ago

Im not against them but it might hurt their companies image and vision. I would love to see any game with a lead character within the lbgt community.

rainslacker1444d ago

For a better part of gaming history the sexual orientation of the lead character wasnt really that relevant. Unless the story is about a character being gay, and how that affects the character, it still isnt relevant. I look forward to the day when this topic is again a non issue because all people are seen as equal, but we as a society just arent there yet.