Xbox Will Inevitably Reclaim Control of the US Territory

As the Xbox 360 completely dominated the PS3 in North America last generation, and the PS4's lead is very slim right now, it does seem inevitable.

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Angels37851350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I think it may at some point as well... (possibly). However its really isn't going to make a big difference when Sony was already ahead from the get go. Instead of the head start like last gen they are now neck an neck..regardless of who is ahead in the states Microsoft will not pull away.

TBH I wouldn't be surprised if it switches back and fourth throughout this generation

AGaryColemanClone1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

There is no way it will happen.

The Xbox 360 was:

1. Rushed out the door a year early to pad out installed base numbers

2. Was 200 dollars cheaper than the PS3

3. Had the entire US media effectively in their pockets

4. And most importantly had the luxury of the RRoD fiasco massively inflating their installed base numbers

None of that is true with the PS4 and Xbox One.

The PS4 at 200 dollars more expensive than the Xbox 360 still outsold it every single year it was on the market including its first year. The fantasy that Microsoft is going to dump the Kinect crap and sell a cheap Xbox One that will magically explode in sales is completely delusional.

Microsoft's one big game for the Xbox One with an absolutely absurd marketing budget did almost nothing and the supply constrained PS4 still easily beat the Xbox One in US monthly sales.

The Xbox installed base numbers are returning to their pre-RRoD installed base numbers this gen.

Angels37851350d ago

buddy I'm speaking purely about the united states not about the world....Worldwide the numbers will not be close Ps4 will remain on top the entire gen.

In the US I said it MIGHT happen and if it does it will go back and fourth...implying that in the unlikely even it does happen that would be the outcome.

calm down and read instead of attacking

Muffins12231350d ago

Right now I feel like its a 30% to 70% ratio but i think Microsoft will get around 40% percent in North America when Halo comes out.

XiSasukeUchiha1350d ago

It can happen all they need to do is too have two options
1) Bundled Kinect Xbone for $500
2) Unbundled Kinect Xbone for $350 then if necessary purchase it separately for $150

In conclusion this will make everybody happy, and give us casual and hardcore gamers option to how to buy the Xbox one. That's my plan MS please take this with consideration.

EZMickey1350d ago

It would make consumers happy, but any potential the technology has would fade. Because every Xbox One owner has a Kinect, developers are more likely to support it. If Kinect becomes optional, developers have less incentive to explore it because their market would be divided into Kinect owners and non-Kinect owners. This also means that the install base of any Kinect enabled game will have inconsistent experiences.

If Kinect becomes optional, the potential that type of technology carries will never be realized.

Also, Kinect lowers the barrier of entry for all users in the household. Right now, anyone who can speak can engage with the Xbox One, from parents to kids. This makes the console's potential as a multimedia device much greater as it extends the reach to more audiences.

We as gamers would benefit from a Kinect-less Xbox One, but Microsoft stands to lose more from it.

BitbyDeath1350d ago

It isn't getting any support though, even crytek dropped it when making ryse even though it was supposed to be a kinect game.

EZMickey1349d ago

its far too early to critique the level of support. the x1 itself utilizes Kinect through every aspect of the os and there are already Kinect games for it. as far as developers pushing what the tech can do and properly explore it, hell they're still only just cracking 1080p here and there for the x1

iamnsuperman1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

The problem is this article is based on the assumption that "if Xbox One falls in price, it will regain control of the North American region"

And Sony wouldn't react? Sony narrowing the market share is important to them as they messed up with the PS3 in the US. If Microsoft drops the price of the One in the US expect a similar price cut to happen with the PS4 because Sony are not going to throw away an advantage such as price (they made such a big deal about the price right from the get go).

Microsoft could unbundle the Kinect but I think that will have issues with the One's identity (All in one entertainment device box they have been pushing since launch). So I don't see that happening until late into the consoles life

xJumpManx1350d ago

PS4 profits are the only thing making money for Sony these days.

iamnsuperman1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

And what long term profits are they going to make if they don't control a large market share? The US is a key ground to control especially since the big media giants of the gaming world are American. We saw it with the PS3 and 360. Games were mainly advertised for 360 (especially in the UK and USA), 360 games were sent out to be reviewed, the 360 was a main focus (especially in the early days). That is because Sony didn't have a good share in that market. It is good for a PR standpoint to control the market share by having the dominate share. It benefits in the long run

n4rc1350d ago

Market share means nothing if you take a beating on every sale..

Xbox sells more games then PlayStation (across the brand) with a lower market share..

Why o why1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

More narc nonsense

More games you say. .

You do know that even if x1 had a higher attach rate, the ps4 wouldn't need to match that to sell more actual units. . That's what happens when you boost ahead with console units sold to consumers.

After last gens kinect fiasco I'm not sure why people are still championing it like it needs to be standard to get support. It was that said support that shifted ms's focus from core to casual leaving little to no games for the last portion of the gen. . .I prefer ms's core game focus. That's what will close any gap if anything not that kinect stuff. It's still not capable of doing what the much maligned 'move' controller was capable of which was play 'core level' games without the need of a controller.

A kinect-less bundle won't hurt the support if kinect is as good as all of its defenders suggest. If people have a choice, the people will show what they feel and that in itself frightens many.

fathoms1350d ago

Actually, several analysts expect Microsoft to un-bundle Kinect later this year. It's the only way they can pull even with Sony's price for the PS4 because cost-wise.

Even if Sony drops the price of the PS4 - and they won't respond immediately because they never do - having the Xbox One at the $400 price point will automatically generate more sales.

Yes, my article is indeed based on the assumption that Xbox One HAS to fall in price for MS to reclaim this territory. But that price drop seems inevitable because MS knows it's the only way they can surpass the PS4.

Until both libraries flesh out a bit more, price will be the determining factor for the majority of consumers.

xJumpManx1350d ago

Both consoles are great but if I had to only have one it would be my X1. I have invested way more time into my Live account 11 years now. I prefer the console exclusives from Microsoft more than the ones from Sony.

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