Xbox at E3: Five games Microsoft needs to show

MMGN writes: Microsoft has announced the date for its pre-E3 briefing, appropriately called “Xbox: Game On”. The name of the event is perhaps a subtle dig at some of the more heated criticisms aimed at the Xbox brand over the past 12 months, especially after Microsoft’s disappointing E3 2013 showing, in which it focused more on Xbox One’s entertainment offerings -- and restrictions -- than it did games.

New Xbox boss Phil Spencer has other ideas. He shifted the focus back onto games -- it frustratingly wasn’t there to begin with -- and has promised new IPs and sequels for the biggest event on the gaming calendar.

E3 presents a really good opportunity for Microsoft, and it promises to be a massive event for both it and Japanese gaming giant Nintendo. Both have to take advantage of the event -- or even the weeks surrounding it -- to generate interest around their biggest games.
So what do we hope to see from Microsoft at E3? It has a lot of ground to make up for Xbox One, and these games could certainly help it achieve that goal.

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ats19921233d ago

Sunset overdrive is getting revealed tomorrow so that one can be crossed of the list.

e-p-ayeaH1232d ago

Not really exciting stuff to be honest.

incendy351232d ago

Pretty exciting to see the new IP's in the list: Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break. Both look awesome and like they could be new franchises.

Halo is a no brainer, I guarantee there will be Halo at e3 :D. Gears of War? That one I am not so sure, they might hold off to reveal that one later when it gets closer.

Samsara821232d ago

I don't think they will have any trailer or anything to show for gears...a little too soon...maybe some update on the developper and where they are at?

Illusive_Man1232d ago

MS may have less IPs but they are higher quality on average than Sony IPs. They also sell more.

ShinraE51232d ago

I disagree, Gears needs time to be properly fleshed out. Next years E3 for sure.

I would agree with QB, Halo, but also Fable Legends, Project Spark and a few sequels like Crackdown 3 or Ryse 2