Get the Most Out of Your Kinect

Albert Penello from the Xbox product planning team and Scott Evans from the Xbox engineering team walked through some of their favorite tips and tricks to optimize your Kinect experience. Follow their suggestions shared in these videos to calibrate Kinect for the best and most accurate experience.

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hollabox1530d ago

Motion control are good but damn voice controls sucks. Between my table, Smart phone, and Kinect, Kinect has the worst voice recognition. But again motion controls besides some lag is spot on.

Mustang300C20121530d ago

Voice control has worked for my family just fine since launch and even better with the updates. Everyone in my household uses the voice features on all 3 Xbox One's in our home.

Septic1530d ago

The voice controls work brilliantly for me......when I'm alone.

But when I want to show a friend....OMG...the Kinect just loves to troll me. I always end up saying "oh no, it works when I use it on my own".

So it deffo needs improvement. When it does work, its sublime. When it does...well...

Watch my reaction at the end lol. That's how frustrating it can be. (Yes I'm mental)

RiPPn1530d ago

@Septic: Kind of cool to put a face to the name. Anyway yeah your video has also been my experience with the voice commands, especially when it was having the problem accepting "yes" when telling it to turn off. And if you really want to be frustrated try telling it to change to a specific channel if you're using the hdmi in with you TV service..

hollabox1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I think Kinect struggles with my accent. Born in Chicago but my parents are not Americans so I have the lovely accent that makes me hard to understand sometimes when I'm not at work. My fake American accent is pretty good, but by the time I make it home my throat is killing. Oh well, my accent was always a hit with the ladies back in college. With that said, my experience with Kinect voice controls so far is abit disappointing, especially since my tablet and smartphone can pick up my voice just about perfect.

brads41530d ago

It's improved significantly since the latest update. It works nearly every time for me now.

Perjoss1530d ago

call me old fashioned but I'll take something that works every time like a controller over something that only works nearly every time.

xpressyoself1530d ago


House phones work every time does that mean you are going to ditch your cell phone because you may get spotty coverage and drop a call?

Samsara821530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

for me works really well....could have a little problem here and there but its a lot faster than using a controller, or remote control for tv, does everything at the same time....with the may update its even faster than it was...the moment you say xbox turns on TV, amplifier/receiver and cable box immediatly...very impressive tech

brads41530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

If you are doing something with your hands, like eating a snack when watching a movie, it is far far easier to say Xbox Pause, then it is to find the controller and get it all greasy with food or whatever. There's a thousand examples of why a voice command may be easier than a controller.

With MS Xbox One I can use:

Voice commands
Smart Glass (cell phone)
Dedicated Remote

Even you old fashioned people can use whatever works.

I use all of the above, depending on context.

Kinect is handy, and works well, but you can use something else if it makes more sense!

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shinrock1530d ago

Voice commands work well for me.once in a while i might have to repeat a command once or twice,but overall it work great.use it all the time.

generalthadeape1530d ago

I don't use hand gestures at all-- but I do find it particularly satisfying to end a long day of gaming by saying, "Xbox Off" while taking my headset off my sweaty head and laying my controller down on the table all at the same time

For some reason or other, I just love leaving my gaming room knowing that everything is turned off and is stored away until next time by merely uttering those few simple words.