GamesBeat: PlayStation indies draw visual inspiration from the past and look to the future (preview)

GamesBeat writes: "Several of the upcoming PlayStation games we tried featured nostalgia-inducing retro graphics while others had an advanced vision of the future. The best suggested a fusion of the two."

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ColManischewitz1259d ago

Transistor -- quite eager to dig into this game.

3-4-51259d ago

Yea this game looks absolutely beautiful.

I've always liked the look of Bastion as well, but I've never played it.

Is it just a hack n slash loot fest RPG, or what kind of game is it ? Good story ?

NagaSotuva1259d ago

Where most new ideas come from.

Sadie21001259d ago

I already have too many games to play, and my pile of shame is too high, for me to see all these indie games. Wanna play 'em all....

TheTowelBoy1259d ago

I'm right there with ya man. Been trying to catch up for what seems like years.

JeffGrubb1259d ago

I dig anything 8-bit, Tron, or pixelated. I wish I were 8-bit, Tron, or pixelated.

darkronin2291259d ago

Really liked Nidhogg on PC, but it's not the greatest platform for two players. Might have to double-dip.