Outraged Sony fans start campaign to fix DriveClub's upgrade program

In the wake of the news that the $50 upgraded DriveClub version will be hidden behind PS+, upset fans have started an online campaign to get Sony's attention in the hopes that they change this controversial policy.

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Kurisu1533d ago

So is this actually true? Because I'm reading different things.

FITgamer1533d ago

I hope it's an error. If you buy any else at a discount with PS+ it's yours to keep even if your sub expires. So i don't see why this would be any different.

Kurisu1533d ago

Yeah if you buy it it should be yours forever just as a retail copy. I'll be buying retail anyway so it doesn't really effect me but Sony have made a bad decision here.

miyamoto1533d ago

gimmegimmegames is a meh click bait website. just desperate for hits.

Monolith1533d ago

Whats their to be outraged about. You get the partial game for free and if you want the full game its 50 bucks. Oh thats right everybody is entitled now! They deserve everything for cheap cheap.

Rockefellow1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

You're completely missing what they're outraged about. If you buy the $50 upgrade, it's only yours if you're subscribed to PS Plus-- if your subscription lapses, you lose the entire game you paid for. Go ahead, check the PlayStation Blog's latest Drive Club post to confirm this-- it's there in writing from the devs themselves.

I'm usually the first one to ostracize the type of people who moan about wanting everything for free and have enlarged senses of entitlement thanks to PS+. This is NOT one of those situations, however, and it completely disregards what the standard process is for the subscription service.

Normally, if you buy something with Plus, it's yours to keep-- not here. You lose your actual purchase if you don't renew your sub. Sure seems like Sony is testing the waters to see what they're able to get away with, and I am glad that people are raising hell over it.

Monolith1533d ago

Ah I see. Thanks. Yeah I watched the video earlier but didnt catch that. That is some bull. Almost Microsoft level there. Anyways im buying the retail version regardless.

Elvis-201533d ago

whatever discounted stuff you buy with ps plus is yours forever!!! only the PS plus free games need a subscription to be played.

vega2751533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@ monolith

You must of made that comment to make MS look worst than sony in this situation, only to make yourself seem ignorant and uniformed. On XBL you keep the games you get from live even when you sub lapped. So why would you say this is something ms would do when its clearly about sony.

You really need to fo your research instead of just making random comments

MonstaTruk1532d ago

Why don't us PS4 gamers just...*gasps!* the disc-based version, and STFU? Not an option? :-/

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Mystogan1533d ago

Lol "Almost Microsoft level" yeah... No.

Sony is in debt and its looking at ways to quickly get some money.

aragon1533d ago

How is this ms level ? He must be 6. Games with gold u keep when ur sub runs out even if they old games, ps plus it's a rental service until u stop paying your bills, dclub 50 dollar version you lose if ur sub runs out... How's that ms level? Let's see fanboys say but who let ps plus run out? Right? Who let's gold run out? Netflix is behind paywall on xbox but who gets live for Netflix? After all it's all about the games right? O if my gold runs out, I can watch my netflix on, my phones, my iPad, my smart tv, my iPod touch,. If plus runs out where u gonna play your 50 dollar drive club. This is not acceptable and people are trying to justify it on here, this is worse than ms, Sony seeing how much they can getaway with milking us, I'm sure they will see the outrage and fix it but don't bring ms into this.

blackstrr4111533d ago

Killer instinct model. Good

Mystogan1533d ago

Killer instinct is not like this.. You buy characters for $5 each or $20 for 8. Doesn't matter if you have gold or not.

HaveAsandwich1533d ago

If I decide to buy the game, it shouldn't come with a ps+ wall. That's all. Fix it.

parentsbasement1533d ago

Cant be true , there is no such thing as an "Outraged Sony fan".....J/K of course.....

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