Rumor: PS4 Version of God of War Ascension Incoming

It may not be a whole new God of War title, but according to industry insider Shinobi602, who is normally very accurate with what his sources tell him about upcoming games, God of War Ascension is making a move to the next generation with a PlayStation 4 Edition.

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XiSasukeUchiha725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

Games, bring on the games! GOW for PS4 Cool!


I'm just joking, GOW ancension is good but a PS4 is unnecessary I agree on that Naruto (Sasuke tone)

XiNarutoUzumaki725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

I hope this is a lie Sasuke. This is really unnecessary. Not to mention this was the worst entry in the God of War series. It was still an enjoyable game, and I loved it. But, this doesn't need a PS4 port...

iamnsuperman725d ago

I can see it happening but I don't think it will be a big announcement. I can see Sony, at E3, coming out and saying these games will be ported to the PS4 (their most recent games; especially the ones with sequels in the works)

xHeavYx725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

If there was any GOW remake I'd like to see on PS4 it would be GOW3. I agree with the people above though, an Ascension remake is not necessary

joab777725d ago

Unless they add another act, maybe something really cool. I will take it as long as it is a holdover.

Its one remake I never played so I cant hate it.

gaffyh725d ago

Ascension is good, but it is an unnecessary GOW game imo, and this news would perhaps be one of the most pointless announcements ever, because it wasn't critically acclaimed when it came out.

guitarded77725d ago

The "worst entry" in the GoW series is still better than most games out there. Ascension was pretty damn good IMO. Yeah, maybe not GoW2 good, but anyone who thinks it sucks is a moron.

As for PS3 games on PS4, it's a good way for devs to get their feet wet with the tech, while working on a new game. I don't necessarily think Ascension demands a PS4 upgrade since PS Now can get the game to PS4 without all the re-devving.

Sevir725d ago

Please can we let Kratos sleep, We really DONT need another one for about 6 years, Ascension wasn't all that, and the franchise is overstating its welcome... Genre fatigue is in with this IP. I'd love a New IP from the Core Team at SSM. This just got me irritated.

I_am_Batman725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

It was the worst quality wise at release as it had some bugs (like the audio issues) as opposed to the other entries in the series which were really polished games. After those issues got patched it's pretty much on par with the other games imo. I really liked the new combat system and the puzzles were the best in the franchise imo. A major downside for me was the final boss fight. It was the second worst final boss fight in the series after GoS for me personally.

Overall I really enjoyed the game but I wouldn't buy it again as I already own it for PS3. I'd much rather see a new GoW developed from the ground up for PS4.

morganfell725d ago

Unnecessary? Think about all the people that just found their way to PlaySation and would like to play a GOW game on their PS4. In addition the MP is a blast. So while it may not be necessary for you, a blanket statement that it is not not needed.


Why choose the worst game in the enite series for a remake on PS4 instead of a new revolutionary game? Very Stupid.

DragonKnight725d ago

"I'm all for it, it's great for all the people who didn't get a chance to play it on PS3.. blah blah blah more complacency."

Of course this B.S. is true. This gen is turning out to be the remake gen of games that aren't even more than a gen old. I mean who cares about coming up with new ideas for games when you can let indies coast you along between HD touch ups. They aren't even remasters for goodness sake. The games are already in frickin' HD.

Omegasyde725d ago

This was the only god of war game I did not finish.
If it came out BEFORE God of war 3, it would of been judged as harshly.

Santa Monica should of made a heavenly sword 2 sequel instead with my favorite red head.

DragonKnight725d ago

Too late to edit my comment. Complacency was not the word I wanted to use.

N4Flamers725d ago

I agree with heavy. Their time would be better served remaking GOW3. It was a way better game without lackluster multi-player. I wouldnt get it unless they made some serious upgrades though. I didn't buy a ps4 to rebuy the same games I own.
This tactic doesn't even give new people incentive to buy a ps4 because they can get a ps3 and buy these games cheaper.
I'd like to see new games or if you're going to rehash give a price reduction, or some new content.

guitarded77724d ago

Can we all settle down with the "people who didn't get to play it last gen" argument?

PS Now will be the vehicle for playing last gen games on this gen, so the remakes should be saved for the best of the best like The Last of Us and others.

hellzsupernova724d ago

Off topic do you guys know each other? lol

On topic this is the worst GOW please leave it be. Make a enw one we all know you are working on it after cancelling Stigs game

CarlosX360724d ago

I thought GOW: Ascension was good, not bad. Just not, ya know... GOW3-caliber.

MazzingerZ724d ago (Edited 724d ago )

I haven't played it so I'm happy if this happens as, it's in my must-play list on PS3 before moving on later this year to PS4

ZodTheRipper724d ago (Edited 724d ago )

"I can see Sony, at E3, coming out and saying these games will be ported to the PS4"

This would actually be pretty poor from Sony. Please take note Yoshida, we don't want this. Next gen is about next gen, not last gen. TLOU is fine because it's the best game ever made, even Journey would be fine ...but don't port over mediocre games just to have them. GoW3 would be more acceptable than this (even though I enjoyed Ascension for a few weeks online, the MP was much better than the SP)

morganfell724d ago

There are only two GOW titles that with minor asset work would accent the graphical prowess of the PS4. GOW3 and GOWA. Since many players on the PS4 will be playing their first GOW title, providing the GOW3 up front as their first experience would do the most damage to the secrets and surprises of the first two titles as well as the RAD games.

In addition, GOWA required far less coding to get it up and running on the PS4 versus the PS2 or PSP games despite their having been brought to the PS3.

And a new gen GOW1 would have required an entire dev to completely build the game from the ground up. GOWA does not.

GOWA also contains MP. From most perspectives it was simply the smartest move to make.

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candy_mafia725d ago

If this is remotely true, I hope it's not...

Then why Ascension, when GOW III is way better? ;/

ginsunuva725d ago

Because it sold most poorly out of all the GoW games.

Destrania725d ago

Good God I would love to see GoW 3 remastered for PS4. That game still blows me away.

Salooh724d ago

Didn't buy it so i wouldn't mind if it come in summer where there are few games. However , it's better if we get a real next gen god of war game. :)

Magicite725d ago

Hope its not true, I just bought it for my PS3..

Palitera725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

Enjoy it. It might be "the worst" God of War, but it is still an awesome game. The controls and the combat system are marvelous!

OrangePowerz725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

I can see the point for ME, TR, TLoU and similar games for people who didn't play those franchises before or who switched to the PS4 over. GoW:A makes a bit less sense since it is a game in the middle of the series.

I_am_Batman725d ago

Well chronologically it's right in the beginning of the series but I still agree with you. If anything they should port the whole franchise. I don't mind them doing these remakes as it doesn't require a lot of man-power/time in comparison to developing a new game from the ground up even though I wouldn't buy them on PS4 when I already own the PS3 copy unless I can get it really cheap.

showtimefolks725d ago

i would play the whole GOW collection again if released on ps4

dale_denton725d ago

God of War 3 and Ascension Definitive versions on PS4 for $60 i'd buy it.

Jazz4108725d ago

Yawn, this series needs put away for a few years. New ip's would really be appreciated by both micro and sony this e3.

killzone619725d ago

They need to fix the multiplayer!

it was awesome at the start but now its a unbalanced mess.

xtremeimport725d ago

Way too many remakes coming out.

Yes ps4/xb1 gamers want games to play, but spend the time and resources on new games.

CrazedFiend724d ago


We don't need any more of these remakes.
Is it THAT hard to make NEW games this generation?

lelo724d ago

"Rumor: PS4 Version of God of War Ascension Incoming"

Please NO. Enough with these enhanced PS4 versions of PS3 games. I want new games...

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Mikelarry725d ago

I aint complaining but it would have been better if it was god of war 3 or compilation of god of war 3 and ascension

ABizzel1725d ago

This. It should be GOW 3 + Ascension.

ginsunuva725d ago

Why? We just played GoWIII 4 years ago.

ceedubya9725d ago

I wouldn't mind both together, to be honest

Blaze929724d ago

like i said, not having backwards compatibility this generation, following the biggest generation library of gaming - was a business move. Not technical.

nick309725d ago

I would prefer a new title , why replay games you already beaten if you can play improved sequels? Waste of money

Abriael725d ago

Well, if the other rumor from today is to be believed we're getting that too, but it'll be late 2015

pwnsause_returns725d ago

I haven't bought ascension yet. Yes, I'm dumb. If this is true, then great.

Anon1974725d ago

I'm a fan of the series but skipped over Ascension for whatever reason. For sure I'd pick this up on my PS4 if it was made available.

pwnsause_returns725d ago

For me I guess it had to do with the fact that

-PS4 was announced at that point, put my money down on it

-busy semester

-didnt have time to play on PS3

During the summer though, i bought TLOU, i mean, i was not going to miss out on that, especially since it was getting epic reviews.

havent even beyond though

Omegasyde725d ago

Acension story was really slow. I mean if you played God of WAR 1, and remember the flashback then you have good understanding how Ares screwed over Kratos and why he wants revenge.

The multiplayer was fun at first, but then you would be put in auto-matches with people with best powers/gear than you and you would get killed in one swipe. There were only like 5 maps too, which didn't many much sense since they were so tiny.

To me the multi felt shoe-horned in.

HurtfulTimez724d ago

Ive played it and still have it and if it comes to ps4 i will buy it again for sure

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ger2396725d ago

There are many gamers that made the jump to the ps4. This gives them the chance to play games from last gen.

cervantes99725d ago

Not a waste of money if you have never played it. Think outside your little box.

Besides did every PS3 owner buy GOW:A? Answer: No

So, maybe many never got to it because of game backlog, money, etc. This gives another chance to play the definitive version.

ado908725d ago

But that's the thing tho. If they really wanted to play this game they would have just bought it on the PS3, you can get it off amazon for less than 20 bucks...So I highly doubt those same owners will go ballistic over buying it on PS4 if they already haven't done so.

nick309724d ago

Thats something else (:

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XiNarutoUzumaki725d ago

For the love of god Dualshockers, stop posting rumors...

Abriael725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

You do undersatand that this is "N4G: Hottest Game News & Rumors?"

PockyKing725d ago

Actually that's the subtitle of the site. The real name of the site is News 4 Gamers.

HappyWithOneBubble725d ago

Abriael no disrespect but you need to take a break lol. You post like 30 articles daily.

Ok for real though I know you work for the site so you get paid for hits right. Keep doing your thing man.

Riderz1337725d ago

Dude...There's an entire section of the site dedicated to

candy_mafia725d ago

Abriael can post whatever get's approved!

I don't get why you just don't skip the article?

Easier and quicker than commenting about an article you clearly don't see as relevant or

gameon1985725d ago

Got damn, how many remakes are sony going to do? I bet if this was Microsoft with all these remakes coming out they would be accused of milking.

ats1992725d ago

Exactly only Microsoft and nintendo milks games in sony fanboys eyes to them sony can do no wrong.

MysticStrummer725d ago (Edited 725d ago )


I'm a confirmed Sony fanboy and my reaction to the title was "This is really getting to be ridiculous".

GameDev1725d ago

Halo Anniversary and this is a rumour

aceitman725d ago

@gameon1985, ms does have some remakes in the making halo is one of them , and just remember these remakes are for the true fans of the series and the newcomers to playstation brand and the ones who skipped ps3 .