Killer Instinct – season one wrap-up

GamesAsylum: "It pains us to say it, but we wouldn’t have trusted Rare themselves to develop to this reboot, let alone Double Helix – a studio used to getting their hands dirty with movie tie-ins and little more. Rare haven’t made a fighting game for 16 years, and the studio is vastly different nowadays to back when they were under the watchful eye of Nintendo"

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troylazlow1388d ago

I was kind of disappointed with the game, haven't even downloaded Fulgor from season 1 pack I bought. might just be me, but I wasn't in love with it

namEuser1388d ago

Wow, i havnt bought season 1 yet nor a character, ive just been playing the rotating characters...and I LOVE IT!!! i grew up with K.I. so im no newbie to the game, but i seem to like this installment better in terms of gameplay. I like how they added little things vhere and there :) cant waitbfor season 2!!! :)