Kickstarter - Red Goddess Update 1 - 50% Funded in 24 Hours

The charismatic Creative Director from Yannim Studios, Yannick Puig has released the first update from Red Goddess since it launched it’s second Kickstarter campaign yesterday.

The first Kickstarter campaign for Red Goddess sadly failed several weeks ago, but after Puig and the team spent some time reassessing and re-evaluating they were able to relaunch a leaner, more robust campaign. The game is now seeking just $30,000 for it’s base goal to launch on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, PS4 and Wii U and has already almost reached 50% of the goal in just 24 hours!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1477d ago

Well hot damn! That's much better!
I might just contribute to that...

Reeze1477d ago

This is great news!!!