DriveClub's upgrade program is anti-consumer and a slap in the face to PS4 fans

Sony made the controversial decision to hide the $50 upgraded version of DriveClub behind a paid Playstation Plus subscription, upsetting fans. GGG argues that this move is anti-consumer and disrespectful to PS4 users and could set an ugly precedent.

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imt5581475d ago

Yes, it is! And i hope that Sony and Evolution will change that. Well, i buy retail copy anyway.

mrbojingles1475d ago

We've got to speak with our wallets. I hope Sony retracts this before release.

Outside_ofthe_Box1475d ago

***********"Its up to the gaming community to let Sony know how much they despise this policy. If Sony is trying to sneak this in now, there’s a good chance they plan to keep doing things like this in the future. If millions pay the upgrade fee for DriveClub and don’t protest the game being hidden behind a paywall Sony will only experiment further and try to repeat this with future games. We have to let Sony know that this isn’t something the gaming community will support and hopefully they’ll change this upgrade program before DriveClub releases in October."***********


This cannot turn into a trend. DC is off my radar now until the upgrade fee allows you to keep the game FOREVER regardless if you decide to resubscribe to PS+ or not. PS+ needs to maintain the "anything you put money toward while subscribed is yours" policy.

GarrusVakarian1475d ago

I gotta admit, that is a pretty dumb move on Sony's part. Locking people out of a $50 purchase if their PS Plus runs out is insane. Thank God i still buy physical over digital.

GribbleGrunger1475d ago

I supported you when people said the PS+ version of Driveclub was just a demo, but I can't support you with this ... not THIS.

jaelegend1475d ago

If this sticks just buy the full game dont support it

johndoe112111475d ago

Sony better fix this and fix it FAST!!!

BG115791473d ago

It seems it has been fixed!!!

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HaveAsandwich1475d ago

I'm flat out not buying it, if this stays in place.

Thatguy-3101475d ago

Wow what a bummer. In that case mightvas well just try the long demo and if you enjoy it pay the extra 10$ to guarantee you're ownership. Good thing we know before hand how things will play out.

Kayant1475d ago

Yep the discount either shouldn't exist or be an incentive for PS+ members to get the digital version not some $50 cashgrab rental. It's a real shame this is happening. Hopefully they reverse this policy because it's completely BS.

admiralvic1475d ago

While I can understand being against this possible choice, I like to believe Chris Brown is wrong. For instance, just yesterday God of War Collection released for the Vita and it supported Cross-Buy. Around a year ago I scored 1/2 for free via Plus from a glitch* and I was still given God of War Collection Vita all the same. Why is this important? In addition to getting the game, it also changed my PS3 copies from "Plus" versions to "Standard" versions, meaning they don't have an expiration date. This has happened a few times and Sony has said many times that you get to keep things you buy from Plus (even at a discounted rate) after your subscription, so I like to think the person was simply confused.

Like, he took the general PS+ policy (games work until your sub ends) and the you get to keep things you buy, but didn't combine the two policies in this situation. I also recall people mentioning you can buy bits / pieces of DriveClub, so its possible that he was mistaking general DLC for the full upgrade, which would also make a lot of sense.

Again, I am not defending Sony, I am just using occam's razor. It just makes more sense that he is mistaken, than Sony charging people $50 for an upgrade that only works with Plus. Especially since it would make upgrading completely pointless as you can already get DriveClub for >$50.

* Was also the person who put it on N4G, not that anyone cares.

mrbojingles1475d ago

I really hope Brown is wrong but maaaan does it he word it like a PR pro avoiding the issue. He's responded to so many questions asking the same thing with answers that go in circles already. But I hope you're right somehow.

xPhearR3dx1475d ago

How could he have been mistaken? It says the same thing in their promo video and on the blog post. They made a stupid decision and need to scrap the upgrade completely, or offer an alternative, because as the title says, it's a slap in the face to PS4 owners.

admiralvic1475d ago

"How could he have been mistaken?"

I am just going with what makes sense to me. Plus, it wouldn't be the first time Sony made a large scale error. Like when they listed the PS Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a Cross-Buy ( ) or when the Sony Knowledge center told someone that both versions of All-Stars are Cross-Buy ( http://www.playstationlifes... ).

As with All-Stars, DriveClub's upgrade program is a new program (at least one I've never seen), so it isn't that surprising that some people might be mistaken. Again, I am not defending the program, just saying what I believe as paying $50 for something that only works with a $50 subscription makes absolutely no sense to me.

xPhearR3dx1475d ago

I could see if the blog was worded weird or something, but it wasn't. It was pretty clear in both the blog post and the video you'll need to keep PS+ active if you purchase the $50 upgrade. You're right, it doesn't make sense, which is why it's stupid and anti-consumer.

Kayant1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

It's not a mistake as you said. It fact it's a 180 because the plan was to offer the digital edition initially.

PurpatraitorMGS1475d ago

Yeah you know it.... Xbox giving us Forza 5 was great for us..

Oh wait...

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