Balancing efforts between plot and gameplay - 'Lords of the Fallen' dev comments

At a recent preview event Examiner asked executive producer Tomasz Gop how his team strikes a balance between too overbearing of a plot versus not having enough substance. According to him, there's a general rule that experienced developers follow, however, to a certain extent it does depend on what type of product the company is planning on delivering.

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Grave754d ago

I am really wondering how this will compare to Bound By Flame.

Palitera754d ago

No comparison. Lords of the Fallen actually seems to be a good game.

Evilsnuggle754d ago (Edited 754d ago )

This is More of a love letter to Demon's Soul's. Lord of the Fallen is inspired by Demon's Soul's combat says the game developer. Looking forward to this one looks pretty awesome so far. The Lord of the Fallen game producer WAS also the game producer of the Witcher 2.

Grave754d ago

That's very good to know.

porkChop754d ago

Yup, the combat is supposed to be tactical like Demon's Souls but still fun. And the game itself borrows from Zelda in terms of exploration, and coming back later on with new abilities that let you open up new areas in places you've been before, etc. It's shaping up to be a great experience.

Skate-AK754d ago

I just realized I have been confusing this game with Bound by Flame.

user5669510754d ago

They just now making a game of the transformers movie. Way to go keep up the good work guys

Aon753d ago

I think combat style looks more dynamics maybe like StreetFighter:) But more tactical:D I am curious how will look spells of particular classes.