The Timing of Nintendo’s Ruby/Sapphire Announcement Is Suspicious

GeekParty writes: "This morning, things looked dire for Nintendo. Their newly released financial reports revealed they’ve lost more than a billion dollars over the last three years. Even with Nintendo’s cash reserves, that’s a massive loss, and the internet was rife with doom and gloom predictions.

Then Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes were announced, and all was forgotten."

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Summons751686d ago

Not really but I suppose haters are going to come up with conspiracy theories anyway.

buckley1686d ago

I don't know. That trailer is pretty weak -- to put it lightly -- and does seem slapped-together. Wouldn't be a surprising move since the idea is to instill confidence in investors.

Summons751686d ago

Not really, it felt like an announcement trailer then have a demo at e3 to show the changes. I've seen announcement trailers far simpler than this.

Baccra171686d ago

Just like enablers are going to avoid common sense while calling it a conspiracy.

HollywoodLA1686d ago

Yeah, clearly a company coming off of horrible financial results wouldn't do anything to attempt to offset said financial data with a meager announced for a popular game franchise... No company has ever done that in the history of capitalism lol....

I think you need to google the definition of "conspiracy theory," before branding EVERY-DAY CORPORATE STRATEGY as 'conspiracy.'

Summons751686d ago

You do realize that they were probably going to drop the news at E3 ANYWAY. Why should this be any different than Sony or Microsoft or some other dev out there having some major news "leaked" before a major con? It's nothing new they just came out and announced it wooptido!

HollywoodLA1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

You do realize they 'dropped' the news in coordination with their financial results. A practice that is often used by many companies, among other tactics, to offset poor earnings, or do damage control. Are you not able to understand that SIMPLE mechanic used by corporations? It's called OPTICS. Google that word.

Your CLAIM is that Nintendo out-of-the-blue, decided to announce a game, having NOTHING to do with HORRID, BRUTAL financial results that spell the death for their home console unit this generation, and instead just decided to announce a game, similar to "Sony and Microsoft?"

You're disregarding the most cliche, strategic attempt by a company (done millions of times over throughout history) and claiming this just happened for no reason, OTHER THAN Nintendo decided to announce a game at this specific time because they... wanted to?

Okay, prove it.

buckley1686d ago

It's evident when compared to the last Pokemon announcement trailer.

3-4-51685d ago

You think the game doesn't exist ?

It's releasing in November 2014 !!

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Chespin1686d ago

You think Nintendo announced these games because of that? Uh no,If you looked it up you'd see they announced HG and SS on a May 7th too.

buckley1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I think a more apt comparison would be whether or not they announced HG and SS right after the announcement of a huge financial gain/loss.

LightDiego1686d ago

I'm still waiting for a Pokémon rpg on Wii U.

princejb1341686d ago

Not gonna happen as much as I wish they would do it also

LOL_WUT1686d ago

Thats what they should've done the 3DS has enough support as it is. The WiiU should be their first priority since underperforming. ;)

kirbyu1686d ago

I hope they put Pokémon Z on Wii U so that it's not the exact same thing as X and Y.

bobsmith1686d ago

they should make attachment to play 3ds games on wii u 3ds games on big tv could sell wii us like crazy. But maybe they dont do it cuz itd hurt 3ds sales

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mrbojingles1686d ago

That's a stupid thing to point out. Of course companies counter bad news with good news, why wouldn't they?

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