Sunset Overdrive's Fizzie is the internet's biggest jerk

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "The internet is full of hateful jerks. But even the worst people you've encountered online pale in comparison to that of Fizzie, the mascot for Fizzco's OverCharge Delirium XT, the drink that "unlocks your wasted potential" in Sunset Overdrive. The self-proclaimed "World's greatest mascot for the world's greatest drink" only created a Twitter account a few days ago (the same day Insomniac launched a viral site for Sunset Overdrive) and Fizzie is already making quite the name for himself as the biggest, most egotistical jerk around."

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brbobcat1354d ago

This is hilarious. As a PS4 owner I was most jealous of this being an Xbox One exclusive. Even though all we've seen is a a short little teaser

Lawboy21354d ago

Lol...that just made my day...


malokevi1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

yes sir yessir yezzir... really excited to see what they are going to announce tomorrow. I want some juicy details... some screens of in game wouldn't hurt, either. Not expecting to see it in motion until E3, but I can hope.

Dragonborn3121354d ago

So excited for tomorrow to find out more about the game. Love the art-style and the humour so far..cant wait to see some gameplay!