Don't Starve Multiplayer Coming This Summer

Hardcore Gamer: Don't Starve is a survival game with gorgeous artwork that has managed to gain a legion of fans since an initial launch in 2013. In the past, developer Klei Entertainment stated that unfortunately they would not make it a multiplayer game. Things change.

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ValKilmer1478d ago

O_O! They said they'd never do it. Yes, oh god yes, now I can hunt beefalos with my girlfriend.

HollywoodLA1478d ago

Wow... Val Kilmer.

WTF happened, buddy?

MysticStrummer1478d ago

He ate Warwick Davis during the disturbing conclusion of Willow 2.

Special effects, they said, but you be the judge.

HollywoodLA1478d ago

I'm actually referring to the stagnation of his A-list career - doing films with 50 cent and all of these things...

He's a working actor though. Credit where credit is due. Fight the power. Cash Moneyz!!!!

ValKilmer1478d ago

I did a voice in Pixar's smash-hit Planes last year, guest starred on HBO's runaway success comedy "Life's Too Short" and am currently starring in a critically-acclaimed one man show "Citizen Twain."

What happened? Success happened. And it still is.

lonz3581478d ago

Always wanted multiplayer in Don't Starve. Hope it comes to PS4.

amnalehu1478d ago

If it's a paid DLC trust me it will be on the PS4.

NovusTerminus1478d ago

Already confirmed to be a free expansion / patch

imtheman20131478d ago

I hope I can murder my friends! :D

Soldierone1478d ago

I hope it's offline multiplayer and on PS4. I'd love to play it with my girlfriend, but if its online only I'll just pass.

I also hope it comes with them being able to revive you. it sucks dying just because you went the wrong direction lol (I've gone in directions where I walk for literally 5+ minutes and found nothing.

Neckbear1478d ago

"I also hope it comes with them being able to revive you."

God no, that would absolutely ruin the game's feeling and flow.

Soldierone1478d ago

No, you'd still need resources to build some type of revive tool. It already does this with those pig portal things, so it won't break it. It will just be more convenient to let the other player do it.

Neckbear1478d ago

The pig portals are limited, player revivals could potentially not be.

elninels1478d ago

Yes completely, why build up to go on an expedition if your buddy and you can just keep reviving each other?

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