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This is the end: Why millions of gamers love to play in the apocalypse

Even though they’re unfinished, DayZ and its post-apocalyptic competitors have racked up millions of sales. How did they get so popular? (DayZ, Nether, PC, PS3, Rust, The Last Of Us)

darkronin229  +   362d ago
Had some fun times with the DayZ mod in the past. Didn't expect it to get this big, though.
Septic  +   362d ago
I just love the post apocalyptic setting like a lot of people.

Lets be honest here folks; we all kinda wish for a zombie apocalypse to happen (as long as our loved ones are okay). As long as we get the slow retarded zombies, not the crazy rabid TLOU/28 Days later/World War Z running zombies.

Even watching The Book of Eli, the whole setting seemed so cool. I imagine a MMO version of fallout; loads of mates, scouring for food...real hazardous temperature so your mates have to start a fire together to keep warm etc, hunting animals to stay alive.

These games give you chance to live out our (or at least my twisted) fantasies to a certain extent. There's a lot more scope for expansion on the post apocalyptic setting.
cfc78  +   361d ago
I share your vision you'd need a serious arsenal to take on those 28 days mo fo's i've always liked the zombies in the 1978 Dawn of the Dead perfect for the easy imaginative kill.
ColManischewitz  +   362d ago
Every time I read a piece about DayZ or Rust, I worry that I'll be fresh meat for the veteran players.
sourav93  +   362d ago
Don't worry mate. We were all fresh meat once...
cfc78  +   362d ago
I think we all have thoughts on how we'd survive an apocalypse these games give you somewhat of a chance to find out definitely one of my fav genres in games and movies.
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Jyndal  +   361d ago
The end of civilization is something everyone's been harping about since the beginning of civilization. Now, we have a new medium to experience how it might come about, and even though the zombie apocalypse version is highly unlikely, it's probably the most fun.
ZILLA  +   361d ago
So true!when playing the last of us online it feels like your on the show THE WALKING DEAD when ricks clan had a war with the govner clan.its ONLINE MADNESS!
Aleithian  +   361d ago
We are in the apocalypse; games allow us to make light of that fact.
mochachino  +   361d ago
I'm totally sick of it actually, I'd love to play in fantastical uber developed civilizations. More and more it seems gaming lost it's imagination.

Devs can make ANY world, their imagination is the only limit and all we get are major American cities, largely New York or some variation of, and either the future, present, or apocalypse version.

It's really easy to imagine way more beautiful/intersting cities than what we already have on the earth right now.
MasterD919  +   361d ago
There is still plenty of room for innovation. However, games like Day-Z actually do more harm than good by fueling copy-cat games that sound great but end up really butchering the genre and stereotyping it in a worse way...

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