Risen 3 release date set for August

Risen 2 has come and gone, and if it's remembered for one thing, it's for how badly it butchered the first Risen and well, how bad it was overall. Despite that, interest for Risen 3 still exists. How good or bad the game is will be revealed this August!

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ZodTheRipper1416d ago

I always kinda loved their games (especially Gothic 2) but I have a bad feeling about this. 3 months left and no gameplay has been shown yet... that's never a good sign. I'm hoping for a solid RPG but my expectations are pretty low.

Pintheshadows1416d ago

After Gothic 4 and Risen 2 my interest is dead. And you are right, no gameplay is a massive concern.

Mutant-Spud1414d ago

Argh, Arcania, once you get to the main island you instantly want to give up adventuring and go back to being a lowly goatherd.