Your Multiplayer Shooter Guide to E3 2014

MP1st - "This year, we anticipate next-gen gaming to really get the ball rolling with exciting announcements in both the software and hardware space. But, hey, we’re MP1st, so you know what we’re most excited about: Multiplayer shooters."

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Nitrowolf21258d ago

really hope rainbow six Patriot makes a show.

ThichQuangDuck1257d ago

Unfortunately I think ddgaming820 is right. They restarted the whole development multiple times and changes leads. The original idea was so good :(. Seems the Division and Assasins Creed Assembly Line will be the focus

Palitera1257d ago

Won't EA show the next Battlefield? I doubt it!

MysticStrummer1257d ago

Good list, but PS4's Planetside 2 please.