DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition Details

Posted by Jamie Brayshaw on May 07, 2014 // Community Development Manager, Evolution Studios

Last week we announced the release date for PS4’s first socially connected racing game – DRIVECLUB.

The response we’ve seen to the trailer is seriously overwhelming, and it’s time for some more news.

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xHeavYx1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

11 tracks, 10 cars and access to all game modes sounds pretty good for a free game, but I wish there was more than just a $10 discount to get the full version

Crazyglues1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

What is this, "$10 discount to get the full version " that you speak of, is this for per-ordering it on the PSN store???

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xHeavYx1507d ago

If you are a PS+ user, you can play the game for free with the PS+ edition, or you can spend an extra $50 to upgrade (contrary of the $60 retail price)

Crazyglues1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

@ xHeavYx

Oh that's sweet, I didn't know about that.. that's a sweet deal. I was probably going to get the game eventually, but if I can just upgrade my Plus to full game for 50 I'll take it..

Got a 50 buck psn card that was burning a whole in my pocket.. LoL -So this will be perfect.

Thanks for the info.

Prime1571507d ago

If you had read the post in it's entirety you would have known about the $50 upgrade.

The price of the upgrade seems about right to me as buying the $50 one gives basically 40 more tracks, cars, everything.

blitz06231507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Hmm it says you can buy the full game at $49.99, as long as your subscription is active. Does this mean even when you purchase it at $49.99 but your subscription runs out you don't get to play the full game anymore?

EDIT: I would assume as long as you're with PS+ you can pay $10 less to upgrade to the full game, then it's yours forever. Paying $50 then losing access to it if you're not with PS+ anymore sounds stupid.

RiPPn1507d ago

@blitz0623: Anything you pay for while subscribed to PS+ is yours forever. So yeah if you buy the game at $49.99 it's yours to keep.

truefan11507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Not to be rude, but sony/evolution studios blatantly lied.

"When you upgrade to ps+ you get the full digital edition content."

blitz06231507d ago


I hope you're right. Because it would make ZERO sense if they did it this way.

I would rather get the free PS+ edition then pay the full $59.99 if I want the full game or not and keep it forever than save $10 and keep my subscription. Not that I plan on leaving PS+, it just doesn't make sense doing it Sony's way

gigoran1507d ago

You can read right? What you have said and what was said in the screen shot are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS! Not sure if you are just trolling on PS4, but you couldn't be more wrong. Read a little more carefully before making such claims in the future.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1506d ago

I feel like this is mis-worded. The guy barely speaks English correctly so I think he may have made a mistake. Who knows though. If you can't keep it after the upgrade that is bullshit though.

r2oB1506d ago

@ true fan

How you've gotten agrees for your comment is beyond me, especially when you blatantly mis type a quote. The quote suggests that when you upgrade FROM the PS+ edition you get the full digital content. Your quote of upgrading to PS+ to get the full digital copy was never implied by anyone. So not to be rude, but nobody has lied in that regard, it seems you may lack some simple reading comprehension skills is all.

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xPhearR3dx1507d ago

Its a great addition to PS+, but the upgrade program for this title is a complete joke. $50, AND you have to keep PS+ or you lose access? Granted I don't plan on not having PS+ any time in the near future, but saving $10 and still have to pay $50 a year to play it is really stupid. You're better off just buying the disc based version if you want to get the game.

popyto1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

You would only lose free titles when discarding ps+. Anything bought with a ps plus discount is different, so if you just had ps plus edition you would loose access to that if you cancel, but if you buy the upgrade you would keep it.

psforward1507d ago

What popyto said, just like anything else with a PS+ discount anything you buy you keep.

insomnium21507d ago

I seriously doubt you need to keep PS+ active if you purchase the game for the discounted price. Hasn't this been a part of PS+ benefits to get to keep them forever when buying with a discounted price? Do correct me someone if I'm wrong.

xPhearR3dx1507d ago

You guys need to read and watch the video.

"If you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber and have been playing the PlayStation Plus Edition, but decide you want the full DRIVECLUB experience, you can purchase a one-time upgrade for $49.99. This will give you access to all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active"

You must have an active subscription. Which is why I said the upgrade deal on this is completely stupid and you're better off just buying the disc version.

SnakeCQC1507d ago

I can confirm if you buy items with the ps plus discount you keep the item regardless of the ps plus subscription status. Sony has stated this many times.

xPhearR3dx1507d ago


Oh really now? YOU? Who are you? You can't confirm anything when Sony themselves is stating otherwise. The devs said it, the blog said it, and even in the video it says you need an active PS+ subscription to access the upgraded version.

G20WLY1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

^Yes, you need it to access the upgrade, not to keep it. If you pay $50 for the full content, there's no way you'd lose the game if subscription lapsed, regardless what you read.

This is not a drama, it's a misunderstanding.

xPhearR3dx1507d ago


Except you do, regardless of what you think. It came straight from Sony in three different pieces of information regarding the upgrade program. The developer even commented confirming the information you're saying ins't true "regardless of what I read". You need to stop being in denial and accept that this is pure BS from Sony.

G20WLY1506d ago

I bet you feel a prick about now, huh. -_-

xPhearR3dx1505d ago


Actually I don't. Because that link proves what I was saying was true. They retracted their statement and changed the upgrade plan. I bet you feel pretty stupid right now huh?

G20WLY1505d ago

lol, why would I feel stupid?

I don't care how you cut it, you were whining about something that came to nothing.

I said, "If you pay $50 for the full content, there's no way you'll lose the game if subscription lapsed, regardless what you read", and that's EXACTLY what has happened.

Actually, I feel pretty pleased with myself for being smart enough to know this would never stick. It was a stunt and you were completely suckered. I'd be embarrassed too, if I was you; it's okay to wrong sometimes, as long as you learn from it.

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showtimefolks1507d ago

I think this is good to try it our with all modes than save $10 to upgrade. Much better than a regular Demo

Josh1011507d ago

@Kane @sic_chops
Yes, most of the game is installed. But its delivery form is infinitely better than having to download it and consume my bandwith.


Yeah, it may be good for trying it out, but who would do that upgrade? You lose access to your game that you paid $10 shy of the full retail version (unless I'm unclear on everything that I've been seeing). It seems better to just eat the $10 and buy the full game, after you try the game, and if you like it.

Josh1011507d ago

Hard drive space is too important. I was always going to buy this game physically anyway. Soo the discount means nothing to me. I hope Project Cars has a retail release or I probably won't ever play it.

Kane221507d ago

you do know you still have to install the full game regardless if you have the disk right?

sic_chops1507d ago

^^^^ what he said. Games do not play off the disc. The disc is just another medium for obtaining your copy as opposed to digital.

ZombieKiller1507d ago

I have to wonder if an active PS+ account is required to access the game entirely or just the online portion. I bet that was just worded least I hope it was. That's just stupid if not. Not that I plan on getting rid of my PS+ account but you should keep what you purchase.

u got owned1507d ago

I hope you don't need a ps+ active account to keep the game. If you do then How would this be any different than the DRM MS wanted to implement which everyone including Sony criticized so much. The guys at Sony should clarify this ASAP

1507d ago
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Abash1507d ago

Getting the full game. Driveclub looks so amazing and fun to race in that I want all locations, tracks, and cars. I always have a blast with Evolutions' racers

MaximusPrime_1507d ago

me too. preordered ages ago. i havent been impatient since. Evolution worked hard on it and will release when ready (yes i know the release day).

look forward to it.

Kayant1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

"This will give you access to all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events, as long as your PlayStation Plus subscription remains active." - WTH this has to be a typo right. That is just insane and stupid wth would they have such a policy with this. That upgrade price should be much lower since you're just renting the game.

I mean that is little point for this upgrade.

xHeavYx1507d ago

I'm sure there will be an option to pay the $10 remaining and get the full game if you don't want to keep PS+

Kayant1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Nope watch the video. It even says it there. You need a PS+ to continue using your DC upgrade or buy it fully at retail or digital. That's your only options.

The only thing I can guess why it's like this is because you need a PS+ membership for DC {S+ edition and the upgrade is basically DLC so you would still need PS+ to play the game.

With that said I think they should have just given you access to the digital version because a $50 rental is BS. The point of the upgrade was so you *OWN* the game at a discounted price not to rent it at a ridiculous one.


I highly doubt it. They have shown three options to get the game no more no less. This is further confirmed here -->
Also the point of the offer was to offer a discount so why would they do that? It's a BS policy that should be reserved or shouldn't exist.

xHeavYx1507d ago

I know, what I meant to say is that I'm sure they will add an option to pay the remaining $10 (after spending the $50 to upgrade) to get the whole game

Kayant1507d ago


If that's the case shouldn't it just be a discount for all PS+ members as an incentive to go digital. Now that would have been a great idea and pro-consumer. This is not.

Also this point made on gaf -

"The fact they need to make a video to explain it and it still isn't clear says it all.

Wasn't so long ago they made a video explaining how simple it was to share games on PS4, how do you go from that to this." - So true and sad to see.

Lowsnamebrand1507d ago

Me personally if I like the PS+ version I'll buy the game on disk simply because I like to have all my games in physical form so its kind of inapparent

XiSasukeUchiha1507d ago

Already, a good deal for sure!

Dudebro901507d ago

Wait...50 cars....thats it???

Ripsta7th1507d ago

Yupp and people were complaining of Forza 5s 200 cars

GarrusVakarian1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

There are 55 tracks in DC compared to 14 on Forza 5 (vanilla game). Forza is also a sim that spans multiple car types from multiple classes, DC does not. Are people really trying to make fun of 50 high profile, high performance cars? Seriously?

This isn't the type of game where you have multiple classes of car such as Forza or GT (S,A,B,C,D,E etc). It's an arcade game that only includes high performance cars. Stop comparing apples to oranges. Compare apples to apples when GT is released.

Angels37851507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Thats because Forza 5's direct competitor is GT which has over one thousand cars...

Lord_Santa1507d ago

Yeah and a huge chunk of those cars were lower end production cars. All of Driveclub's 50 cars are high performance vehicles.

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ScareFactor1507d ago

What a joke lol. I called this

GarrusVakarian1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

What the hell are you doing in a DC article again!? Omg, what is wrong with you? DC clearly poses a threat to you and/or makes you jealous, otherwise you wouldn't be in an article for a game you never plan on playing.

Oh and i guess you missed the "55 tracks" part, huh? What did Forza 5 have....14, was it? Is that a joke too? I'll take 50 high performance cars on 55 tracks over 200 cars made up of many lower end cars on 14 tracks ANY DAY!

Honestly, the stupidity of users on this website astounds me sometimes. You compare a sim to an arcade racer in terms of how many cars they have....despite being completely different types of racer (DC doesn't feature F,E,D class cars like Forza and GT do), but completely ignore the fact that the arcade racer has WAY more tracks than the sim does.

Lord_Santa1507d ago

As other people have mentioned, Forza is a simulator with different classes of vehicles. Driveclub is more arcade with just performance vehicles. They are completely different animals.

theWB271507d ago

Forza 5 has more than 50 high performance cars. You can't really compare the track situation.

Yes DC has 55 tracks...but it also only has 5 environments. Do you know how many tracks are variations of other tracks in the game? How many are mirror tracks? Do you think every single track is completely different?

Forza SHIPPED on launch day with 200 cars(more than 50 high performance) and 14 tracks in different environments in a sim racer.

DC is an arcade racer with only 5 environments and who knows if there're 55 different tracks or not.

You'll take 50 high performance cars that have no ability to customize the performance, no idea how far robust the paint editor is....over a car selection that has over 50 high performance cars, performance tweaks, one of the most robust paint editors in the biz, along with hundreds of other cars to select from?

AGAIN...DC ONLY HAS 5 ENVIRONMENTS with 55 tracks within those environments. GTFO outta here.

GarrusVakarian1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


Oh, whatever mate...stop moving the goalposts, 55 tracks is 55 tracks, all of which are in environment that, graphically, blow the socks off any Forza game. Forza having 14, FOURTEEN! a sim is APPALLING. Especially when past Forza games had many more.

" no idea how far robust the paint editor is.."

Lmfao...paint editor...what the hell are you talking about? Stick to the topic at hand, man.

The fact of the matter is, we have Xbox fanboys in here (not including you, i know you own a PS4) who have absolutely NO desire to play this game or own a PS4, trying to troll this game for having 50 high performance vehicles while conveniently glossing over the fact that it has way more tracks than Fora 5. It's pathetic. You can't compare apples to oranges. DC is an arcade racer that doesn't require the same variety in vehicles types that sims do. There are no Class D,E,F,G events, there are no need for slower cars. 50 high performance cars will be more than enough.

I can't wait to get this day one. Salty haters can carry on moving goalposts and conveniently not mentioning dat track amount.

theWB271507d ago


While 15 is low for past Forzas...I've yet to understand why people gloss over the fact that it was a launch game and we all know launch games are notoriously not as feature rich as games released later on. As far as I can remember...there has NEVER been a sim racer released on console launch day.

Call me crazy, but I forgive Turn10 for Forza5 not having as much content as Forza4 and I especially applaud them for dumping X360 assets that didn't make the next gen cut instead of shipping it anyway to pad numbers.

55 tracks is 55 tracks if every track is distinctively different. We'll see.

Either way I'll be there : )

You got a PS4 yet??? I'm gonna add ya.

GarrusVakarian1507d ago


Forgive me if i came across as aggressive, but when fanboys enter articles to troll games they are never going to play, it really winds me up. That's magnified even more when they conveniently forget to mention certain things from the article that would prove them as hypocritical.

DC doesn't use the class based car system that sims such as GT and Forza use, there is no need to buff the car roster with low performance cars, it's simply not that kind of game. Having a choice of 50 high performance cars and 55 tracks to race them on is ideal...i don't see how anyone could be displeased with that.

And yeah, ive had a PS4 since launch, my PSN ID is the same as my N4G username. Add me on X1 too, my GT is Lukas Japonicus.

(I've noticed your Infamous SS screenshots whilst lurking GAF, btw, very nice) ;)

otherZinc1507d ago


Ohhh no you don't! I called bs a long time ago! LMAO!

Is Drive Club an Indie Game?

theWB271507d ago

Added you on PSN....will do the same when I get the X1.

Aggressiveness is cool when you make valid points....I still love good banter.

Appreciate you digging the Infamous pics....hotdamn it's the best looking game I've ever played.

Bundi1507d ago

Lukas, you say you'd rather have 50 cars from DC instead of 200 from Forza even though the DC cars are largely included in Forza 5 as well? I'd rather have the 50 PLUS the extra 150 thank you very much.
As for tracks, Forza launched with 42 tracks based in 14 locations, get your facts right. DC has 55 tracks based in 11 locations. Stop spreading misinformation, locations =/= tracks.

Here is an overview for you:
200 cars, 14 locations and 42 tracks - Forza 5
50 cars, 11 locations and 55 tracks - DriveClub

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GarrusVakarian1507d ago

What? 50 cars is more than enough for this type of racer. It isn't a sim, there's no need for hundreds of cars spanning a wide spectrum like Gran Turismo or Forza.

When all of the cars are high profile, high performance cars, 50 is more than enough.

Bundi1507d ago

You are making excuses to be honest. FYI Forza 5 had 42 tracks at launch. 14 was the location. DC has 55 from fewer locations so expect a lot of reverse and section tracks.

GarrusVakarian1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


I'm not making excuses, at all. That's just a term you Xbox fanboys throw around when you have no valid counter arguments. A game that is focused around high performance vehicles having 50 cars is more than enough. This game doesn't require multiple classes as it doesn't use the class-based event system that sims use. It's a perfectly valid point given the type of game that DC is.

Would you rather they add in a bunch of lower tier cars just for the heck of it? No thanks. Can you honestly tell me anyone will get bored of a selection of 50 high end cars? I doubt it.

Why do even care, anyway? You don't even own a PS4, do you? Man, some of your sad people need to ask yourself why you click and comment in articles about games and systems you either don't own or don't like. If these games or this console didn't bother you, you wouldn't feel the need to comment on articles relating to them so often. By doing so, you';re just letting people know how much the PS4 and it's games make you salty.

Bundi1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I see you skirted around the track number issue instead of admitting you were wrong. There are 42 tracks on Forza 5 instead of the 14 you regurgitate now and then.

There are far more than 50 exotic cars in the world, they didn't limit it to 50 because they had run out of super cars. Heck you could reach 50 on just Lambos and Ferrari's if you wanted. The lower tier cars argument IS an excuse because they could have made it a hundred cars without having to dip their toes into the non-high performance pool. So not only is it an excuse, it is a rather lazy and lousy one.

As for my interest in all this, Forza was torn to bits for featuring 208 cars at launch (a launch game mind you, with more content than the first Forza on the 360 Forza 2) an was criticized for stripping away content to achieve 60fps. So naturally a game with 11 extra months of development time with fewer cars and half the framrate will draw my attention, especially when its defenders are the same people who criticized the technically superior game in both content and gameplay.

imt5581507d ago

Yep! 50 high-end rare supercars!

OrangePowerz1507d ago

It's not a sim that has all sorts of different events for different car Classes like GT or Forza. For an arcade racer that has only fast cars that's enough. You will most likely pick a few favourite ones that you drive around always and they should be similar in speed.

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