PS4/PC Game H1Z1 To Feature Rain Clouds That Move Through The World and It Only Rains Where They Go

Smedley reveals that the game will have realistic weather effects, advanced day night cycles and reveals that something big is going to happen next week.

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Snookies121506d ago

Man, I love the sound of that! Love dynamic weather, and it'll be awesome being able to kind of follow the rain as it moves along. Wonder if the rain will help cloak your presence (both visually and sound-wise).

kingdom181506d ago

Yes but then on a down side it could also hide the presence of zombies :D it could also muddy the ground making it harder to travel with vehicle, and perhaps the wind could carry your scent and the scent of the zombies and in game we could get a reaction from animals (such as a dog) or the player by them mentioning a foul stench! Boy that sounds cool!

Errefus1506d ago

That sounds great hope other devs implement this into their games

XiSasukeUchiha1506d ago

Hmm Realistic weather effects sweet!

Neonridr1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Cool. Looking forward to finding out more.

When I first read the title, for some reason I interpreted that as the weather will follow players and only rain where "they" go. lol

Heisenburger1506d ago


lol That's a funny thought... XD

Ot: Sounds impressive. I'm so looking forward to learning more of this new game.

Flutterby1506d ago

Why does it always rain on me *singing.

Ultr1506d ago

I hope the cloud has a smile on it ^^

MasterCornholio1506d ago

So I guess its not exclusive to the Xbox One then.


Very funny.

kenshiro1001506d ago

That actually made me giggle.

SmokingMonkey1506d ago

Day 1 for me not Day Z.../s

Timesplitter141506d ago

why are you pretending there's a rivalry between this game and DayZ? I'm looking forward to playing both extensively.

I swear to god this website is having disastrous effects on people's minds

MysticStrummer1505d ago

Choosing one game over another (very) similar game isn't really pretending there's a rivalry, but these games are so damn similar I'd say there is a rivalry every bit as much as there was between Madden and NFL2K.

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The story is too old to be commented.