Joystiq- MLB 14: The Show PS4 Review: Pretty as a pitcher

Joystiq- On the whole, MLB 14: The Show is as dynamic as it's ever been; if any aspect of a mode isn't to your liking, you can tweak it to your heart's content to find your own sweet spot. The execution of online offerings is the biggest letdown this year, souring the addition of online play in franchise mode.

Still, while Road to the Show is starting to show its age, MLB 14 picks up with novel methods of play like Community Challenges, Quick Counts and the game-changing Player Lock options. MLB 14 might have its rough edges, but it lives up to the term "simulation" in the truest sense, offering players the means to realistically succeed any way they choose.

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supergravity1476d ago

Was definitely hoping for faster load times after years of load screens on the PS3 that lasted so long I originally thought my console had hung. I assumed with the ram upgrade that would be lessened. I'm loving it though, the actual game is amazing, just as they've all been.