Defining Moments – Final Fantasy X

Continue Play's Heather Williams looks back at Square's PS2 RPG, Final Fantasy X. Warning: contains spoilers!

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Articuno761390d ago

It's the bit where Wakka turns to Tidus as he realises Tidus is trying to leave alone. That hurt gesture that says "What, you're just gonna disappear on us after everything we've been through?". That moment slices the heart clean in two.

Transporter471390d ago

When Yuna runs into Tidus and passes right through him that was so sad... that is mine. There are so many though not sure how to just pick one.

josephayal1390d ago

the game really touched my heart, FFX-HD definitely still makes me cry like a baby

silkrevolver1390d ago

It's shocking how my hate towards Tidus from the beginning of the game had transformed into intense sadness at his death/the revelation of his death. I cry more at FFX's ending than I do at Aerith's death... any day.

Transporter471390d ago

Tidus isn't dead though.. He is a dream.

iamtehpwn1389d ago

He is a dream but he does possess a physical body and does in fact die at the end of FFX. He has a spirit because in the end he's sent to farplane, in order for him to have a spirit he had to be alive---and he was, due to the fayth dreaming to allow him to sustain his life.

Nerdmaster1390d ago

"an unbalanced battle system"? "troublesome battle system"???
It is the best battle system in any Final Fantasy. And being able to change characters inside the battles was fantastic.

iamtehpwn1389d ago

Agreed. The simple fact of the matter is, it made every single character useful, when FF usually forces you to narrow down your choices to a few.

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