The Xbox One’s launch in China is a Significant Move for Microsoft and the Industry

CCC Says: "This September, Chinese gamers will be able to get their hands on the Xbox One, thanks to the country lifting its 14-year console ban and Microsoft’s collaboration with the Chinese entertainment business, BesTV. China is a huge market, and to conquer it is no easy feat, but any company that manages to win this region over will be in for some serious rewards. Since the announcement of the Xbox One’s launch in China, internet forums have been inundated with interesting debates presented by those who firmly believe that this is a significant step forward for the industry, and conversely, those who think that Microsoft is destined to fail in the region. I believe that the outcome of this move is as unpredictable as the Chinese market itself."

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iamnsuperman1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I disagree with any of these consoles making a lasting impact in china. Like the article says the One/PS4 are already available through the grey (not black) market. Apart from the ban reasons there are logical reasons for this. Reading back to an article back in 2009 about 2008 stated that "750,000 Wiis were brought into the country unofficially last year, alongside around 625,000 Xbox 360s"....there was 2-3 million units sold in total but the PS2 was the most popular because of a large amount of games and because it was easy to pirate them. The later is key here. China's market hangs on this. It isn't like the grey market is small and hidden away. It is huge and out in the open

What China has finally decided to do is capitalise on the expanding gaming market which is why we are seeing rumoured prices of around $800 (it is a Brazil situation all over again where the illegal imports and pirating rule the market and not the official sales which like I said above has already happened in china).


IrishSt0ner1383d ago

The grey market for cheap Chinese iPhone knock-offs is open and huge 'in the West', yet iPhone still has the largest market share. Using imported grey market figures to compare to a fully supported release is a stastically inaccurate way to base any consolusion on.

While I agree the 'average worker' will not buy an overly expensive console, the rising middle class in China would, and it's these consumers that are starting to gobble up expensive Western products.

There's certainly the culture of pirarcy, but wait... didn't the chinese spend $13 billion last year on gaming?

Truth is we just don't know how it will be recieved, could be very limited or could be huge, although the sheer number of consumers makes it a gamble worth taking.

If 1% of 'chinese gamers' bought a console it translatess to over 4 million units.

iamnsuperman1383d ago

But the grey market isn't doing cheap Console knock offs like the iPhone has. These is smuggled or are a imported or smuggled. These are not just sold down the market but are sold in shopping centres. The point I am making is why are people talking about China as if consoles have never graced the land. Consoles have been there for quite some time. The grey market in China is huge and fairly open (I think your underestimating that. China legalising foreign consoles is going to have a marginal impact on world wide sales because the market is already being served

mrpsychoticstalker1383d ago

I think both consoles will do well in ChinA. There's just too many people there.

girevik1383d ago

I'm sure their government will love the Kinect!;)