Nintendo Still Don’t Get PR and Branding: UK Division Fires All of Their PR Field Agents

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love Nintendo. I love them for all of their charm, their uniqueness, the memories they invoke in me and their joy-filled games.

However, I’ve always felt that at times, Nintendo simply don’t know what they’re doing – especially when they make stupid moves like firing their entire field PR division.

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LOL_WUT1535d ago

They fire their entire field PR division but keep the man responsible for all of the company's missteps, in charge? Makes no sense. Maybe these field PR agents would do a better job if Nintendo gave them more to work with like games, demos, maybe throw in some free goodies anything to garner hype towards the system. ;)

Toadsanime1535d ago

Precisely my point: it's like they're set up to fail. It's not that their PR division isn't succeeding, it's that Nintendo isn't giving them what they need to do so.

Dravidian1534d ago

Iwata was responsible for DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U.

DS and Wii did well from the get go.
3DS started slow, but is selling like hotcakes now.
Wii U had a bad start but is clearly picking up speed aside from a few third party issues [Glares at Ubisoft].

Nintendo is still deep in the black, mostly because of Iwata. Firing him because the Wii U had a bad start seems like a kneejerk reaction.

Toadsanime1535d ago

To be honest, I actually think this is part of the problem and not a solution. Nintendo don't seem to understand the changes that have come with the modern market as well as they should.

They completely underrate the importance of PR, branding and online. They can modernise themselves and still keep the unique qualities that make them what they are.

GenericNameHere1534d ago

In the NES/SNES generations, Nintendo on the inside was ruled with an Iron Fist. Are you suggesting Iwata hire the Yakuza??!! :O Or even better, he hang out with Reggie, learn how he gets his meaty body, and become like Yamauchi?

johny51534d ago

Yakuza take over?

If that happened you can guarantee the whole PR team would be missing a few fingers after this incident!

Kevlar0091534d ago

I don't see a single source in this article. Also couldn't find an article online. I have my doubts this happened but if there is proof feel free to share

Toadsanime1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I work in a GAME store and my store's Nintendo PR field agent - who, upon Nintendo UK's request, set up Facebook groups for their region's game store staff to talk about Nintendo games and to let them know what's new first - let us know that his entire division has been laid off due to cuts.

Apparently, they're outsourcing temporary PR agents for the release of Mario Kart 8, but after that they will no longer have field agents.

I debated explaining my source in the article but figured it'd be too long-winded and didn't want my store's PR agent to feel worried about me using him as a source and get him in trouble with Nintendo/future PR employers. However's, he's since read and liked the article via Facebook and attained another job role, so perhaps I'll update the post to give it some credibility.

DefenderOfDoom21534d ago

poor NINTENDO though they can still make amazing games! But they should place their bets on making a new METROID game!

Agent_hitman1534d ago

I guess Nintendo also undergoing massive restructuring.. In my heart and soul I still support them and I hope that they will regain their success and momentum.

linkenski1534d ago

Just replace Iwata and then everything will slowly rebuild.