Why the Souls series is so special..

Why the Souls series (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls & Dark Souls II) is so unique and brilliant in this interesting feature on the games series.

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incendy351481d ago

Because it makes you feel like you just joined the hard core gaming club :D. If there is one series that stands out as "for hard core gamers only" it is the Souls series.

crofterz1481d ago

Hmmm I agree to some extent. I don't believe people should try the series though.

Whilst I have mixed feelings about Dark Souls II, the way it's made itself easier to pick up and play is a stroke of genius.

MightyNoX1481d ago

I agree to an extent but the issue is the TIMING. Timing is everything. The Souls series came to us at a time when "Ramirez! Do this" http://img2.wikia.nocookie.... became rampant, when devs would held our hands during the entire campaign.

What a breath of fresh air this series was.

iDadio1481d ago

Because even Shrine of Amana didnt make me to angry and that area is down right cheap.

iDadio1481d ago

Standard game no, but in NG+ onwards where the mobs are far more numerous and trying to dodge the missiles was just a pain in the ass. Was quite easily the area I struggled most with in the game.

WillGuitarGuy1481d ago

Before the patch I would agree with you, but now that they nerfed Shrine of Amana, it's not bad at all.

crofterz1481d ago

Agreed since the patch it's a lot better.

iDadio1481d ago

Ah I never tried it after patch, I got my platinum then I mainly PVP now :)

hennessey861481d ago

but I don't like the series, I just can't get into them.

crofterz1481d ago

Have you tried Dark Souls II? Even though it's the latest instalment, i'd say it's probably the best entry point for people new to the series or have been 'burnt' by the series in the past.

Summons751481d ago

Demon Souls will always hold a special place in my heart. It captured me from the announcement and then actually playing it was just a new experience. Blending single player and multiplayer was great and fun. Dark Souls took some away that made Demon Souls special but brought it back for Dark Souls 2. Hope the rumors of Demon's Souls 2 is true, Demon's Souls is the best in the series and deserves a true sequel.

crofterz1481d ago

What do you mean by taken away? I thought Dark Souls (launch problems aside) bettered Demon's Souls on every level.

Summons751481d ago

There was no dedicated servers which made online a huge problem. It was way easier. The atmosphere wasn't as Dark. With the open world focus each area lost it's lore focus whereas each area in Demon's Souls had it's own story that ended up tying in with the overall story. Some of the gameplay was improved while other parts were made worse. The bonfires made the game easier where Demon's Souls you risked it all until you beat a boss. Humanity was over abundant in Dark Souls making the risk and punishment of death pointless where Demon's Souls you had a limited number of Stone of Ephemeral Eyes but become human after beating a boss. The lack of losing health also made the game easier where it was a punishment so you didn't want to die in Demon's Souls

I loved Dark Souls but Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 2 takes the cake any day.

BlackTar1871481d ago

Demon Souls is a better game imo.

The way the level and worlds were set up in demon soul felt like gateways to all new worlds. That was the magic for me. Plus some of the enemies and bosses in Demon soul were allot harder imo and they've literately dumbed the game down ever sequel. Dark Souls 2 is awesome i love it but the Weapon upgrade system alone is a shell of its former self.

SolidDuck1481d ago

Dark souls was better in many ways. It's a bigger game. More weapons, armor, bosses, secrets ,pretty much everything. But dark required a ton of backtracking. Fast travel didn't show up till 3/4 of the way through the game. How many times did we go through the undead burg in a playthough just to get somewhere else. Demons and dark 2 have a much better travel system. Also demons and dark 2 have dedicated servers. Connecting to people is way easier and pvp is less laggy. Also being able to heal yourself as a phantom which u can do in demons and dark 2 is a much better system. Especially since there's no voice chat in dark 1. I love dark, but there are things that are better about demons. Plus demons was the first so it's special. Dark 2 tho kinda combined the best parts of demons and dark. I'm loving dark souls 2.

BlackTar1871481d ago

Don't get me wrong i love Dark Souls 2 too. But they nerfed the difficulty of the entire game. No place is as daunting as Valley of Defilement or Tomb of giants in Dark Souls 2. Also the fact that the weapon upgrade system is so much less in Dark Souls 2 kinda pissed me off. I am on NG++ and i really have nothing to work for other then getting the Wrath of God spell. Where i was still collecting stones in both Demon and Dark souls 1 to work on weapons on my 3rd paythrough.

Irishguy951481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

I also thouhgt Dark was better/ The online portion wasn't but everything else was. Bonfires > Levels. Finding the bonfires was the main difference. You get a certain amount of souls and spend your Estus flasks LOOKING for a bonfire.

Then you have to decide to risk keep SEARCHING or go back to a previous bonfire and try again later. Demons had way too many healing items whereas Dark made sure advancing through the game was a decision in itself, further adding to the souls experience, this made you keep on your toes due to the fact that you had limited healing items. With Demons it was straightforward. Get to the boss. Kill it. Dark was much better in that aspect imo.

I don't really know I never gave a **** about the stories in either game, just the gameplay so maybe thats just personal pref. I also thought in general Dark had better level design(thought the pinnicle of the souls series is equal with Tower of Latria and Sen castle). Overall the areas of Dark were of superior quality to demons.

What else is there? Generally more content and generally a bigger feel of exploring a dark dank world. Better sense of progression in Dark imo.

Oh also, I don't get how anyone thinks Demons was harder, I found it way easier I breezed through Demons after the initial 10-15 hours of getting really used to it. Then I thought I could do the same for Dark but nope...each area brought about various challenges and well designed enemies that simply threw me off my game. Demons wasn't that difficult after the start of it. Also, I played Demons first(imported it from Japan before it came out everywhere else in fact it was when I got a Ps3 specifically for it)

Also there was a certain cheapness in Dark souls but only once or twice(maybe 3) in the entire game, which was those chests that eat you. That was the only annoyance I had with Dark over Demons and also the online.

MysticStrummer1481d ago

Loved Dark Souls, but Demon's Souls was better imo.

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This sums it up why the souls series is so special.. Demon's Souls intro HD:

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