Naughty Dog is Bringing Back Joel’s Banderas Animation for The Last of Us (.GIF)

Junkie Monkeys: During VGX 2013, Naughty Dog recreated the popular Antonio Banderas scene from Assassins. It seems that this very gesture will be making a return in The Last of Us in the future.

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XiSasukeUchiha1531d ago

Nice GIFs , Sony should do this more often!

crxss1531d ago

goodbye every other TLOU gesture. hope this taunt makes it to U4

XiNarutoUzumaki1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Rofl!! this gif was the best part of the VGX 2013. I laughed hard.

JackOfAllBlades1531d ago

The best part of the VGX imo was the announcement of No Man's Sky

Errefus1531d ago

I hope we get to hear more about it at E3

iDadio1531d ago

Any news about this since the flooding does anyone know?

A2X_1531d ago

Just when I was starting to forget about that clusterf*** of an event.

S2Killinit1531d ago

Im so in the mood for another ND adventure (:

Derekvinyard131531d ago

Imagine if these guys made a open world game ? Dam that would be nice

S2Killinit1531d ago

Personally i like their narrative based approach, (mixed with open world elements like in TLOU) but i also cant dissagree with you because if ND did make open world, it would be one hell of a open world game judging from the qhality of their games.

shivvy241531d ago

@Derek , they already have. Jak 1-3 are open world and they are excellent games, even today they are fun

Angeljuice1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Am I missing something? How is that gif funny or even slightly interesting?

I'm considering leaving this world forever now, it's just becoming too lame to tolerate.

Angeljuice1531d ago

Don't worry, I'll send you ahead first to tidy up and get things ready for my arrival.

Fishermenofwar1531d ago

So long Mel...Have a good trip...

JackOfAllBlades1531d ago

Lol, trolling? Anyways, look at them disagrees. Thought someone with that many bubbles would have a bit of common sense.

Angeljuice1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

What's it got to do with common sense? Do you even know what common sense means? It certainly doesn't mean conforming to popular opinion in order to avoid upsetting the infantile members of a videogame website.

If you look at my comment history you will see quite clearly that I don't play the popularity game, I often say things that are against the grain of most members, simply because it's how I see things.

Just because I'm not a weak-minded bandwagon jumper, doesn't mean I lack common sense, it just means I don't care what the hoards of irrelevant nobody's think of me and speak my mind accordingly.

There are very few people on this site who's opinion I respect, the majority are complete morons (as with society in general), so why would I pander to their expectations?

If you're trying to say that conformity = common sense then I would point out that in the vast majority of situations, you couldn't be more wrong.

Enjoy your 'funny' gifs, my sense of humour just happens to be a little more sophisticated.

*cue myriad attacking one-liners by the insignificant to try to put me down*

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1531d ago

It's just some lame meme from reddit. Of course it's going to be unfunny and uninteresting.

DragonKnight1531d ago

I read your comment Angeljuice, and I was immediately reminded of South Park.

Angeljuice1531d ago

Screw you guy's, I'm going home!

BitbyDeath1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Cause the Banderas meme which this one imitates had been circulating since PS4 had been first announced.

It is funny in a surprising way cause ND took notice. If you had followed all the meme versions of this then you will understand why people love it so much.

Visiblemarc1531d ago

It's a parody of an existing, popular, gif.

That's all.

I'm disturbed by the idea that, increasingly, people seem to like to label things they don't like as "bad." Whatever happened to "not for me?"

uth111531d ago

It's like an inside joke- You have to know the history of the meme to understand it.

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