Experienced Points Is ZeniMax Being a Patentless Troll in Its Claim Against Oculus?

It kind of sounds like the set-up for a joke: Company known for occasionally buggy software accuses someone famous for brilliantly stable software of stealing from them. It's like Uwe Boll claiming Steven Spielberg stole one of his movie scripts. He doesn't need to steal, and if he did steal he certainly wouldn't steal from YOU.

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StockpileTom1350d ago

These kind of cases have happened before where the employee will sometimes moonlight a project at home on his own time but due to some bullshit in his employment contract his work is suddenly owned by the company. In the vast majority of cases the big company wins.

Many contracts stipulate that a salaried employee always represents the company and any ideas or creations made while employed with that company belongs to that company.

This stuff is really really stupid and stifling to innovation... There needs to be laws in place to prevent this. Contracts with such anti-employee or anti-consumer policies should not be allowed yet they are everywhere.