Escapist Tabletop Heavy Steam Preview - Steampunk Robot Combat

Two Victorian-era gentlemen meet on the field of battle to settle a dispute between their countries, choosing the obvious armament of the day: Four-stories-tall steam-powered Titans, crewed by thirty men and carrying weapons designed to reduce buildings to ruin. This is the premise of Heavy Steam, a tabletop miniatures tactics and battle game by Jeff Gracia of Greenbrier Games currently funding on Kickstarter. After some time with the game's rules and an in-depth rundown of a prototype, I can confidently say that the combination of a quirky, fun world and unique game mechanics makes Heavy Steam one of the more interesting miniatures board games I've seen in a while. See, Heavy Steam isn't just a miniatures and tactics game - it's also a hardcore resource management game. "I really wanted to capture how the inner workings of a large, military vessel affect the effectiveness and combat capability of that vessel," said Jeff Gracia in an interview with The Escapist. "How the resources of the vessel are allocated and directed are bigger decisions in the end than choosing where to move the vessel or what to fire its weapons at."

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