Global Weekly, 26th April 2014

PS4 127,769 (-10%) 7,361,652
3DS 110,030 (+4%) 44,280,239
XOne 80,165 (-6%) 4,428,178
PS3 46,520 (-5%) 81,851,657
PSV 42,612 (+20%) 8,144,957
X360 30,999 (-7%) 80,699,457
WiiU 29,738 (-8%) 6,094,736
PSP 11,946 (+4%) 80,556,635
Wii 10,138 (-4%) 100,626,962

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XiSasukeUchiha1410d ago

PS4 is about to reach 7.5 million almost to 10 million just about 3/4 of the way there!

AGaryColemanClone1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

PS4 is 7.8 to 7.9 million now.

Sony confirmed the PS4 was over 7 million on April 6th - one month ago.

The PS4 has been selling at roughly 900k to 1 million a month in 2014. It has been four weeks since Sony's 7 million sales number.

That puts the PS4 at just under or just about to hit 8 million.

Vgchartz is a fake sales site run by a little kid Xbox fan who use to be a poster on neogaf by the name of 'ioi'. He got permanently banned for putting out ridiculously fake sales numbers in a lame attempt at trying to make the Microsoft look they were selling massively better than they really were and Sony was selling much worse.

These fake numbers aren't 'estimates' or 'ball park figures'.

These numbers are deliberate lies put out by a hardcore Xbox fan.

GribbleGrunger1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Will you please stop using an average of overall sales to predict what the PS4 has sold this month. As I said before, you can't do that this early in the cycle. The Ps4 sold 2 million units in 4 days. Like I said, it would be closer if you averaged the numbers minus the launch numbers. The PS4 is currently selling around 700k a months and Sony are probably stock piling for bundles with big game releases such as Watch Dogs.

I'm not saying you are a long way out with your figures, I'm saying you can't take an average just yet because the 2 million sold in 4 days (America/Europe) inflates the numbers artificially. The Japanese launch inflates the average too but not by that much.

My guess would be that the PS4 is around 7.6-7 million currently (these VGC numbers are a week old). Everyone on this site knows I'm a PS4 fan, so please don't read this as some kind of attack. I'm just being a realist.

Stop disagreeing for the sake of it and think:

A product releases on the 31st of January and sells 1 million units. In February it sell 250k a week which means by March it has a two million install base. Taking an average of the overall number, how many units will it sell in March?

Magicite1410d ago

X1 is maybe even below 4m sold-through.

BitbyDeath1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

@Gribble, where are you getting 700k a month from?

Here are the numbers as we know them.

Dec 31 2013 - 4.2 Million
Feb 8 2014 - 5.3 Million (+8 days/1.1 million)
Mar 2 2014 - 6 Million (-6 days/700,000)
Apr 6 2014 - 7 Million (+4 days/1 million)

They are averaging roughly one million a month once you take the + and - into account.

AGaryColemanClone1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Exactly BitbyDeath.

Thank you.

Sony has sold 3.1 million PS4s in the first three months of 2014. While Microsoft has only shipped to retailers 1.1 million Xbox Ones.

I didn't realize it was already May 7th. The PS4 should have already hit 8 million and we most likely will see an announcement in the upcoming week making it official.

That means the PS4 is already over double the Xbox One's installed base right now.

The Xbox One was at 3 million at the start of 2014. It has only sold 711k in the US from official NPD numbers. It has obviously sold 0k in Japan.

That brings the Xbox One to only 3.7 million plus some tiny amount from Europe where the Xbox One is bombing everywhere but the UK.

Maybe with the next NPD Microsoft will finally crack 4 million.

The irony is hilarious from Xbox fans in the excuses why the Xbox One is bombing in sales. On the one hand there are cries that the Xbox One is only being sold a few countries compared to the PS4. But when it come to making up sales numbers there are supposed to be these 100s of thousands of mystery sales for the Xbox One outside Japan, the US, and Europe.

GribbleGrunger1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


I've already said I'm not saying his figures are way off. You have broken it down much better but what AGaryColemanClone is doing is just taking a base number and averaging it, in which case it will be inflated in the way I explained.

I will admit though that my 700k is too low.

BitbyDeath1410d ago

Yea, should also keep in mind in Feb they had Japan launch, and March they had inFamous to help boost numbers. But April... not sure if MLB will bring in a lot of new buyers, that said I don't know what demand is like these days.

I do expect Watch Dogs to be a console mover though.

georgeenoob1410d ago

So even though it says right there PS4: 7.3 and X1: 4.3, Sony fans above me are claiming X1 is under 4 million and PS4 is 7.8-7.9, according to their credible guesstimates. It's amazing how biased a devoted Sony fan can possibly get. Do you seriously believe the nonsense you're spewing? You know what, I'm not even surprised.

mkis0071410d ago


Please enlighten us to how NPD and Europe official numbers add up to 4.3 million for xbox one?

711,000 total in the US from Jan-March = 3.71 mill

Add in the rest of europe which would be around 200,000 and the numbers are way off.

Microsoft hasn't released the milestone yet...what more evidence do you need?

Ps4 however sold 7 million as of April 6th, even a conservative estimate would put it at 7.6 currently... Well you will see like you do every month next week.

GribbleGrunger1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


You say this every single time Sony fans question the American numbers and yet every single time they question the American numbers they're proven right. How many times do you need to see this before you stop making these ridiculous accusations? When NPD announces that the PS4 has won in April, I'm assuming you'll have the good sense to stop doing this ...

The numbers are wrong. They don't make sense. I'll repeat one last time: In March the XB1 got Titanfall, they most hyped game this year, which was bundled FREE with a console price reduction, but still the XB1 was outsold in America. Now explain to me why, in April, the sales of the XB1 have apparently risen, without the Titanfall hype and with a more expensive console?

Also, you need to understand that VGC has actually now adjusted last weeks numbers (you remember those. They're the same numbers Sony fans were questioning) and now VGC has the PS4 outselling the XB1 in America last week. The same happened the week before and the same will happen again next week with this weeks figures.

Of course, once the XB1 launches in the same amount of countries as the PS4 it won't be losing every week by quite as much ... until the big hitting bundles launch and it'll be back to square one for the XB1. There is China of course but I can't see that making much of a difference other than a one or two week spike.

mikeslemonade1410d ago

VGchartz is ball park figures when you add in the deflated amount and the 1 week delay amount. Much easier to derive 7.8 mil from vgchartz than NPD.

With NPD you would have to go a month earlier to add the numbers up while VGchartz updates it already for you.

Pretty soon you can't believe what Sony says they have sold because once demand has been met, what they say is shipped. But since every PS4 shipped right now is essentially sold within a few weeks then you can take Sony's statements as true.

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Axios21410d ago

TitanFall #3 and #4 in the world, and it's only in 13 Countries.

Congrats Respawn

Angels37851410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Nice...Titanfall must be doing wonders for the xbox one....*looks at sales numbers and realizes there is a 3 million sales difference*

I take that back maybe your extra countries will come to the rescue.....

You didn't manage to get the top comment're attempts to defend the xbox name are getting a little lazy...make sure you give yourself 30 lashes as punishment for your one bubble failure.

And just for shits and giggles

"PS4 number one selling next gen console with 3 million more sold than xbox one and probably more?!?!? DAT STAYING POWER"

get a life.

candy_mafia1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )


Seriously, EA should just award you for being most loyal Titanfall fan, you sure earned it. There's nothing wrong with championing your favoured console though :)


The PS4 has more than likely exceeded 7.7 million units sold at this point in time. But I think most of us agree VGChartz fudge the figures ;/

MasterCornholio1410d ago

You should create a new account and cal it,



HaveAsandwich1410d ago

yet titanfall is selling so many xb1's that the world is exploding. nah.

Benjaminkno1410d ago

Do we really need weekly estimates from VGcharts?

Red meat for the herd.

Why not talk about console sales, since there's no games to talk about.

AceBlazer131410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Simple math can prove vgchartz is wrong once again

Sony showed 7m at the beginning of april .That means the ps4 has sold a steady 1.4m every month since launch, that's 350k every week from launch to the beginning of April. Yet some how Vgchartz has the ps4 sales showing a 50%+ drop every week ever since the npd released.So instead of 350k every week vgchartz shows 175k -125k.

I'm no idiot so of course I expect ps4 sales to slow down, but for it to have 50% drop in global sales the week after a perfect 1.4m every month streak, that's pretty fishy. Even if vgchartz wants to under track they could at least make it believable.

I'll bet the ps4 is around 8mil as of the beginning of May.

BTW who still approves these guys?

saint_seya1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

FakeChartz and ps4 having a -% every week.. Shocking..
I think i saw this movie alredy...
Well we know how it ends, official sales numbers, and the kid behind that pile of #### that he try to pass as real numbers will have to keep trying to fool more people somehow..
At least ill give him the fact that he keeps getting posted as a source and followed for naive people... job done after all... Maybe he should get a job at MS PR?

BillytheBarbarian1410d ago

Come on ms, ditch the x1. Just keep on 360. Make 32x style adapter to get x1 graphics with the clouds.

BX811410d ago

Sure buddy, keep dreaming. All the negative press the xb1 had going into launch and it still sold over 4mil. E3 is going to show why its a good console
To invest in.

metatronx1410d ago

Sold over 4mil..... yet, shipped doesn't mean sold.

BX811410d ago

They said 5mil shipped so I'm sure they sold atleast 4mil

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