Be Careful What You Wish For: Shaq-Fu Is Coming, Concerns Follow

Evidently Shaquille O’Neal didn’t appreciate his name being involved with one of the worst games in history, because combined with the forces at Big Deez Productions, an IndieGoGo campaign was launched for a game the star hopes will restore faith in his ability to perform more than a single kick and punch combo.

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ValKilmer1533d ago

I find it pathetic Shaq can't fund this game himself if he truly is behind it.

porkChop1532d ago

I know, right? Kickstarter/IndieGoGo is supposed for people who don't have the money to fund their own projects.

slivery1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yep sad to see good games not make funding that actually can't fund themselves but people just throw their cash at this mindlessly.

I don't care if they have some respectable partnership, as I said if someone is making a game about me and I am rich like Shaq is, out of respect for all the people working on that game I would pay for it out of my own pocket.

MasterCornholio1532d ago

-Looks at picture-

WTF is that thing?

Keep it away from me!!!!!


waltyftm1532d ago

That pic is bad, but the video is ever worse.

MasterCornholio1532d ago

-watches video-



brish1532d ago

The video looks so cheesy I found it funny.

Maybe that's the point!

DivineAssault 1532d ago

seriously?! why waste the resources??

Gotcha51532d ago

I don't care looking forward to this as long if it's good. WE need more beat em up out there.

fei-hung1532d ago

what we need is a new proper successor to Def Jam Fight for NY. That game was awesome and the sequel on the last gen consoles just ruined everything with the stupid scratching mixing stuff.

They need to go back to their roots and make a proper follow up.

waltyftm1532d ago

Agreed, the original Xbox version was amazing, cool story, great combat and looked real good, the sequel on the X360 and PS3 was utter crap.

thejigisup1532d ago

One of the most under rated combat systems out there.

elninels1531d ago

Behind this %100. Absolutely loved fight for NY, didn't touch whatever they call the last gen one. The massive roster, multiple fighting styles, and couch multiplayer made it one of the greatest games of its generation for me. I wish it would come back in that vein.

slivery1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I can't say the same... It will be stupid stuff like Chris Brown vs. Drake... Lil Wayne vs. Rick Ross or Miley Cyrus vs. Nicki Minaj... Oh god I can feel my skin crawl just thinking about that..

Ugh Hip-Hop now has hit an all time low, it wasn't too much better back when Def Jam Fight was out but it was much more bearable, now it is just completely ignorant.

Of course not all of it, I am not that close minded but a huge majority of it.

fei-hung1532d ago

Depends what stars they use. I think they could call it something like Def Jam legends and go Old Skool with a roster.

Then can even throw special stages where you get to beat up Bieber and have stages where you have to tear down a statue of Miley Cyrus using wrecking balls.

Def Jam with a decent line up screwed up with Icon, so I think it is a balance of getting the roster and gameplay right.

Also, in regards to what you said, I think the music has to be old skool too. It can't be the new songs they have with auto shit, they must use Old Skool songs and really bring the golden era of hip hop and rnb back.

Sheed1531d ago

However, none of those guys are on the Def Jam hip-hop label.
They do have Kanye West, Mariah Carey and Frank Ocean.

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