Price Drop or Drop Kinect? Which is Better for Xbox One? Maybe Both?

Microsoft needs to make some changes to the Xbox One or they will face a situation that could end with them being in a race that will take years to catch up. Not even a year into the latest generation of consoles, and they are already over 2 million consoles behind the PS4.

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NYC_Gamer1475d ago

Xbox one needs a price drop to 399 with the Kinect

XiSasukeUchiha1475d ago


Dude, unbundled it put as option and make it $350.00 bro!

RAWSTA1475d ago

That would beat out PS4 like nothing.

darthv721475d ago

Nah...keep the kinect and just lower the price. I like the $350 to $399 approach.

vitullo311475d ago

@rawsta... then you can go on living happily ever after.. YAY

PsylentKiller1474d ago

How would you record anything without kinect?

Kinect is is a big part of the User experience. Drop the price but keep Kinect. It's helps separate itself from the PS4.

truefan11474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I always get a kick out of how the people that complain about Kinect have never used it and are don;t own an XB1.

I would say 97% of XB1 owners would not prefer the XB1 without Kinect, it's just part of the system. There are just so many uses for it.

Also why are people on this site so narrow minded, this gen just started. Kinect is being opened up to indie devs now and they will probably create some great games, and D4 looks pretty good, and KSR was really good.

Another point is that VR/AR is coming in the near future and ps4 fans will have to buy move/camera and VR, while XB1 only have to buy the VR/AR. We have no idea what else is in the works, for them to include it and up the price it definitely has a purpose.

I say all that to say stop acting like a cult, you guys need to learn to think for yourselves and actually try it before knocking it.

Docknoss1474d ago

Wrong keep Kinect but drop the price. Kinect is actually worth it anyway.

lelo1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I agree. They should have a X1 sku without Kinect. Kinect is just a waste of money, gets old pretty fast.

Until now there is absolutely nothing that proves that Kinect is indispensable for the X1.

MetaReapre1474d ago

Lol at truefan, think for yourselves comment when so blinded himself being a fanboy.

Myself I think there should be an unbundled option and a lower priced bundled option. Hell if they make just the bundled to 399 that it will definitely catch up to the ps4 in sales if not exceed it.

dcbronco1474d ago

They will be in a position for a price drop in a few months anyway. Just wait a while and the price will drop with Kinect.

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AngelicIceDiamond1475d ago

@NYC I'm kind of surprised you said that actually.

Dlacy13g1475d ago

@NYC fully agree. Drop the price and keep Kinect in. MS will have to eat some cost but I think that is the right call.

choujij1474d ago

I think there's a good chance that even at the $399 price-point with Kinect, it'll still see sluggish sales.

iamnsuperman1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I agree but I don't know Microsoft wants to loose that much money on each system. I think it has to be an either or situation considering Microsoft spent half its budget on the Kinect (and the sensors are apparently really expensive)

Septic1475d ago

Yeah a price drop is obviously better. If they could competitively price it so that you were essentially getting the Kinect for free, then that's a win. MS can swallow the hit. Beggars cant be choosers at this point and I'd seriously consider this if I worked at MS when taking into account the fact that the competition has a more powerful, cheaper console selling at far greater volumes that has been released in all territories and is winning at the MS' home turf.

This is an ultra competitive industry. MS made some colossal missteps so it should make greater strides in ensuring that it remains relevant.

Swallow the hit with the Kinect and MS has a chance of taking the fight to Sony instead of desperately trying to play catch up.

Retroman1474d ago

can't believe im saying this: much as i hate any MS product i rather MS stay in the gaming business ONLY to keep Sony legit, Sony alone head might blow up again.
so, competition is good.

said by Sony fanboy

gosh, did i say that?? let me splash some play beyond juice on my face.

Geoff9001474d ago

I believe there will be a new SKU around September, with a new sleeker Kinect/Xbox design.

tgunzz1474d ago

Go ahead and announce a $399.00 price adjust at E3 with kinect included, and get after it. They are already lining everything up according to gamer feedback. The price is the last module needed in order for the battle of the consoles material to shift to the front.

UltraNova1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Yes definitely. Kinect is so integrated into the xbox1 it looks impossible to unbundle it, especially now that 4-5 million consoles are out there.

‘Unfortunately’ MS is in the business to make money and not lose any. Which means keeping the kinect and shaving off 150 to 349 (399 won’t cut it against the ps4's momentum don’t kid yourselves) i.e. selling at a 100 bucks loss is something I cant see MS doing, not yet at least.

Even then Sony could afford to drop 50-80 bucks and keep things as there are now, more or less.

Its a steep hill MS has to climb this time around.

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AngelicIceDiamond1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Price drop with Kinect. I'm sure MS has some unique features coming to it and maybe some interesting optional Kinect controls in future games so keep it.

Realistically its WAY to early to ride off Kinect. The console's been out for 6 months its not fair to ditch Kinect that early in the game.

I said before that I don't I'm not a hardcore Kinect fan but I'll give it a chance to see what it can do at least.

GoGoGadge71475d ago

I'm still waiting for those "unique features" they promised 4 years ago. Its a device nobody wants.

If Microsoft drops the price, expect Sony to drop 50$ lower regardless of taking a hit or not. Sony has made it clear that this is their rodeo this time around.

My xbox one gets no love. My ps4... night and day.

Dlacy13g1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

"Its a device nobody wants".. no it's a device you apparently don't want.

Edit: "If Microsoft drops the price, expect Sony to drop 50$ lower regardless of taking a hit or not. Sony has made it clear that this is their rodeo this time around." ... this just makes me laugh. This is how I see that notion playing out at Sony:

Andrew House: We need to drop the price of the PS4.
Kaz: We really need the revenue we are making from the success of the PS4. Why do you want to drop price?
Andrew House: Because MS just dropped their price.
Kaz: Did that impact our sales?
Adrew House: Not really sure yet but seems like we are still selling really well even when they price dropped before with their limited time offers.
Kaz: So we are good then?
Andrew House: But MS dropped price
Kaz: Just shut up.

ats19921475d ago

You're delusional if you think sony would drop the price of the ps4 just because micosoft drops the price of the xbox one. Sony can't afford to take that hit.

AngelicIceDiamond1475d ago

@@Go Sorry I can't take your comment seriously.

"I'm still waiting for those "unique features" they promised 4 years ago. Its a device nobody wants."

Nice generalization and trying to speak for everyone. How would you know who wants it or not?

"If Microsoft drops the price, expect Sony to drop 50$ lower regardless of taking a hit or not."

Huh? Sony doesn't need to drop the price they doing extremely well where they're at. And no Sony will absolutely not risk taking a hit by cutting the price on the PS4 Sony couldn't afford to.

"My xbox one gets no love. My ps4... night and day."

You mean you have no Xbox to get give love to in the first place.


RAWSTA1475d ago

I want it! so your dead wrong! I use my kinect to log me in and as my remote control for tv.

headblackman1475d ago

let me have your xbox one then. i'll give it all of the play time that you don't have the time to give it. :-)

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Geoff9001474d ago

Also MS has invested a lot of money in Kinect, not a good thing to just drop it after bundling it with the bone.

rainslacker1474d ago

I think we can all admit that there are many people that have absolutely no interest in Kinect. Saying nobody wants it is an extreme generalization, and completely untrue.

Because of this, I think the best thing MS can do is what Sony did. Make it an optional purchase. Find an app that makes the camera a must have. Then sell the system at a competitive price against Sony's PS4, and get extra revenue by selling the camera separately.

If MS can drop the price to be the same as PS4 with the camera, then great. But I think they would generate more revenue by having it an optional purchase. It will also give developers a better idea of just how many people are using the Kinect, so they aren't wasting time adding in features which go mostly unused.

In the end, it really comes down to just how badly MS wants people to have Kinect. I know there was a lot of hyperbole flung around before launch about why MS wanted it there, but MS really needs to consider if the Kinect is going to be financially viable in achieving whatever goal they have intended for it. In other words, what's more important to MS...selling the console, or making sure people have Kinect?

MysticStrummer1475d ago

Both would be best, but MS will try dropping the price and keeping Kinect first. They aren't big on losing money, so I don't know how soon that will happen or how low they'll go. I'd be shocked if they did it at E3, but they definitely could, depending on how worried they are with how things are going.

Blues Cowboy1475d ago

I used to staunchly defend keeping Kinect in the bundle - I love its voice commands/face recognition and detaching it from the console will effectively kill the peripheral stone dead. As it stands, developers know that there's a big install base and can create cool stuff for it...

... except, erm, where is that stuff? Rivals was mediocre, the Ubi fighting game was godawful and otherwise its gaming applications are gimmicky if not downright silly.

Give it a year, but if MS and third parties don't give us a good reason to use Kinect, I'd like to see a much cheaper, smaller and more basic sensor released in a cheaper bundle that's basically just a microphone with simple face recognition .

Megaplaynate1475d ago

I agree with you, the face and voice recognition are great but we need software to justify the extra $100.
If they do not release games that use the kinect in a unique way, then I don't see any need for it. But, the potential is there.

Ashby_JC1474d ago

I use my xbox one daily and use the Kinect and like it for voice recog and signing in.

Cant see using my X1 at this point without it.

BUT.......where are the games that are using it ...and using it in a meaningful way.

I was surprised they didnt at least release the X1 with a simple tech demo that showed off some simple mini games etc. Just something to show what its capable of.

At this time I think there is like 2 golf games and both DONT use kinect!!!

I dont want them to unbundle it. But at this point I feel MS has failed in the games use dept. They had Kinect 1.0 to build off of going into Kinect 2.0.

Its almost like they have no idea what to do with it.

Here is hoping that indies will use it. If they dont....then I would say the gaming use of it is a FAIL!!

I still like it, but for games...I havent seen anything that makes it better to use then my controller.

Clown_Syndr0me1475d ago

Do we really need another article like this, with the same comments we've read 100 times on other similar articles?
Aren't there any games to talk about?

Blues Cowboy1475d ago

It's the pre-E3 lull, so... no? Daresay there'll be a few leaks though.

Clown_Syndr0me1475d ago

I hope it changes a little bit round here after E3. Too much doom and gloom right now, not enough excitement!