Watch Dogs - Re-imagining Chicago


"We talked with Ubisoft about their version of Chicago while comparing it to the real world Chicago. How close is it to reality?"

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iplay1up21262d ago

I can not wait to see my home town, I live in LA now, but lived in Chi Town for many years. Great place to BE from (The weather sucks). I want to see Wrigleyville, Boys Town,Lake Shore Dr, Michigan Ave, Clark St and Rush Street Come to life in a game.

starchild1262d ago

I've never been to Chicago, but I can't wait to play Watch Dogs.

GeofferyPeterson1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

@ HDgame
I bet you'd like to revisit Boys Town and let it "come" on your back in life.

iplay1up21261d ago

Hey, Geoff, you ever seen the movie Deliverance? Think there is a scene you would really like in it. Keep it up Two bubble wonder.

rockbottom30761257d ago

I'm in Florida now for three years otherwise lived in Chicago my whole life I can't wait to romp around Chi-town as well. Plus I heard the game starts inside Wrigley field. Bonus!!

Naga1262d ago

Come to Chicago for the food. Stay because you got murdered.

OculusRift1262d ago

"Watch Dogs - Re-imagining Chiraq" *First mission* *Main guy gets shot and killed* *Becomes first 48*

mochachino1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I heard that a number of people died last week (or was it this week?) in a China train accident due to a hacker, my first thought was Watchdogs.

And then today I was sitting in traffic on the way home and thought, I'd love to be able to change the lights with my phone.

Meltic1262d ago

There is a new video that was leaked yesterday but was removed by ubisoft. I saw it on youtube. It will come today. Its about T-bone and aidens friends. Mor info about them and the black guy with mohawk :). Pretty cool stuff in that video trailer.