20 years after launch, what can Sega’s 32X teach today’s console giants?

Edge - Edge 218′s Kinect cover asked of the device: “The catalyst for a new era in gaming, or a 32X for 2010?”

The parallels between the Kinect and Sega’s 32X might not seem immediately obvious, but as the Xbox One slowly recovers from its difficult launch they keep presenting themselves. In 1994, Sega was a runaway success in the West. The Mega Drive (the Genesis, locally) was the best-selling 16bit machine in North America, and sold around seven million units in Europe, leaving the Super Nintendo in the shade. But in the East, things were different.

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Neonridr1537d ago

The 32X was just a poor attempt from SEGA at milking every last dollar they could squeeze out of the consumers to support the aging Genesis. By this point, the SNES had fully established itself as the king of the 16-bit era. People were ready for the next systems, as the Nintendo 64 and Playstation were in development. Not to mention that SEGA fans knew about the Saturn coming out. Why would they want to support the 32X for a last gen machine when the next console version was releasing in just over a year.

hollabox1537d ago

I was a sucka as well, falling for Sega's foolishness. I had my dad purchase this crap when it came thinking it was the next big thing. The 32X had some decent but ultimately chunky games with poor audio quality not much better than the SNES.

Sega consoles might still be around if Sega spent the 32X hardware budget on the Saturn to allow for basic hardware supported transparencies. Who puts out a flagship home console with a bug that blocks transparencies during rendering? Oh Sega! Who releases a console without telling the public five months early? Oh wait Sega!

mcstorm1537d ago

I was spoiled as a kid as I had the x32 and Sega cd as well as the master system plug in too as well as the snes. Sega did some strange things with there consoles but that said it was still a great time to be a gamer and they had some great games too even if Sega should not of made them.

Neonridr1537d ago

yeah my buddy had the 32X. I remember playing the Star Wars game on it, it was ok I guess.

Godmars2901537d ago

Don't actively divide/segregate your audience on one platform.

OrangePowerz1537d ago

The lesson is to not try to sell an overpriced add on that doesn't really do what you make people believe it will.

brianunfried1537d ago

Hardware add ons have never been successful.

mochachino1537d ago

That every add on peripherals has failed gamers dating as far back as 32x.

optimus1537d ago

you obviously don't remember nintendo's R.O.B. then.

mochachino1537d ago

I had R.O.B., which incidentally came out well before 32x, it too wasn't very useful.

Fond memories of it nevertheless.

optimus1535d ago

hence why i said you forgot about r.o.b. since you said," as far back as the 32x"...

it wasn't very useful because they only had about 3 games that put it too use and even then he (it) would take too long to act as a player 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.