Insomniac’s Xbox One shooter Sunset Overdrive revealed in our next issue

EDGE - The new issue of Edge magazine features world exclusive details of Insomniac’s colourful Xbox One shooter Sunset Overdrive.

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Abash1532d ago

I am a Sega and Dreamcast fanboy so Im naturally anticipating this game, hope it's good since it gives me a Jet Set Radio vibe

GusBricker1532d ago

Yeah, when it was first announced, I called it Jet Set Radio Future with guns.

We can only hope!

christocolus1532d ago


Same here bro. In just a few hours we will know more about SO

creatchee1532d ago

I'm just excited for vibrant colors. Last generation had a brown and gray coat over most of its games.

truefan11532d ago

I hope it lives up to that billing. PS Fizzie is the greatest mascot ever, he is the ULTIMATE TROLL, in an awesome way.

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MCTJim1532d ago

I'm Looking forward to this title. Show us your A game at E3. :D

XiSasukeUchiha1532d ago

Hype is here because of Insomniac Games

lets_go_gunners1532d ago

You got 5 dislikes for? People don't think Insomniac can deliver?

BattleTorn1532d ago

I think people are reading through the lines, that he otherwise would not be hyped for an Xbox game but seeing as it's Insomniac he is.

just a guess

system221532d ago

i hope this game is as awesome as it looks. could be yet another must have exclusive for the ol' x1.

Julion07151532d ago

This game should be a nice addition to my x1 I'm also eager for quantam break guys. The thing I want on these new systems is better blood we need more gore and when you stab someone it should be blood on the knife that would make games better more detail

Picnic1532d ago

Doesn't Ryse satisfy that pretty decently?

Julion07151532d ago

Yea it does actually but we need more games with that level of gore how cold would it be if that blood level was in shooting games u barely see blood in shooters I dnt get it you stab deep into someone neck no blood on the knife kinda weird to me

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The story is too old to be commented.